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Top 5 Tips on Securing Your Home Against Break-ins

More than 200,000 incidents of break-ins are reported annually in Australia. To make things worse, the number of burglary cases in Western Australia are higher than the national average. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, roughly 4.5% of homes have experienced break-ins. With so many cases of burglary happening each year, now is the appropriate time to fortify your home security. Here are our top 5 tips on how you can secure your home against break-ins.

1. Take note of what security system your property is currently using.

The first step in enhancing your home security is by evaluating what security measures are currently in place. What steps have you taken to minimise the risk of break-ins in your home? This is a good time to address any vulnerabilities in your property by investing in stronger locks and making sure that all windows and doors can be locked securely. The harder it is to enter your home, the less likely it will be targeted by burglars.

Perhaps the most important tool in your arsenal is an advanced home security system. 24/7 alarm monitoring and wireless security cameras are some of the most popular security systems that help deter burglars from breaking in inside your home.

2. Avoid leaving an impression that your property is unoccupied.

Properties that appear unoccupied from the outside are the primary targets of criminals. This gives them enough confidence to break-in swiftly and grab whatever they can take. Don’t make the mistake of making burglars think that no one is inside your home. You can do this by keeping the lights on certain areas at night. If you’re going away for vacation, then investing in smart LED lights is a good choice. These lights can be remotely controlled, allowing you to set a timer that turns it on at night and turns it off in the morning.

Leaving parcels on your doorstep gives an impression that no one is around to pick it up, which is something you don’t want.  If you have parcels being delivered while you’re out, have it dropped at the post office for pick-up. You can also ask the postman to hand it over to a trusted neighbour.

3. Don’t announce your holiday trips.

When you’re going out on vacation, avoid announcing your plans on social media. In the weeks leading up to your holiday trip, it’s best to keep it to yourself. Don’t mention anything to friends and neighbours about your vacation. The reason is because clever would-be thieves will have an opportunity to break into your property knowing that you’re away for a few days. Eavesdropping on social media is one of the many ways burglars plan their break-ins.

When it comes to posting your holiday trip, wait until you get home before you share your photos. Your online friends can surely wait to see where you’ve spent your vacation.

4. Assess the overall condition of your property.

Step outside and take a look at your property. Put yourself in the shoes of the burglar and think about where you plan to enter first. Any weak spots in your homes such as faulty door locks and broken lighting should be fixed immediately to avoid potential break-ins. Sufficient lighting and landscaping are ways you can secure your property from would-be burglars.

You can do this by adding lighting to dim areas of your home. The front door should be well-lit as well as the garden and backyard. The goal here is to discourage burglars from entering your property because of how easily they’ll be seen.

5. Get to know your neighbours.

There’s much to be said about getting to know your neighbours and establishing healthy relationships with them. While you’re out and about, your neighbours can serve as onlookers for any suspicious activity going on in your property. You can also trust them with your spare key and have your parcels delivered to them while you’re away. Having neighbours you can trust means you don’t have to worry too much about your property when you’re outside.

It’s best to leave your contact number to your neighbours so they can notify you immediately if they spot someone loitering around your front step. Follow up by removing potential hiding places where burglars can lurk. Keep your hedges well-maintained so bypassers and neighbours can easily see if someone is attempting to break-in inside your home.


Burglary incidents are becoming a prevalent issue in parts of Western Australia. The number of recorded break-ins annually have raised plenty of concern for many locals. But if you take the time to enhance your home security, you will be better protected from such incidents.

These tips will help you enhance your home security and fortify your defense against potential break-ins. Consider installing a home security system inside your property to maximise your protection against burglars and criminals.

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