6 Tips to improve your Home’s Security

Last Updated on March 24, 2022 by Kravelv

The increasing cases of home invasions and burglary are a growing concern in any community. Leaving just the smallest window of opportunity gives lawless elements the chance to strike and steal. We all want to get a good night’s sleep when we go home so we need to know what things are mandatory to guard our abode.

With burglars and intruders becoming more and more ‘creative’ these days, we need to amp up our security measures to protect our property and the people we love. Using a single method is not enough to safeguard your assets so we’re giving you 6 effective and proven tips that will help improve your home’s security.

1.     Use DIY Home Automation measures.

The idea behind using DIY home automation methods is to give the impression that someone is ‘always’ at home because let’s face it, it’s easier to scare away intruders if they think there are people inside the property. Try using affordable smart curtains or smart light bulbs that you can control remotely. Put them on regular rotating schedule especially when you’re away.

2.     Make all entrances lit especially during sleep hours.

Most of the time, burglars strike when it’s dark because they want to conceal themselves. Lighting up your doors or all entrance passageways can help drive unwanted people away. It’s also a wise option to use lights with an infrared detector that automatically light up when it detects that a person is in a certain zone or area.

3.     Have surveillance cameras installed

Many crimes have been solved thanks to the help of reliable CCTV cameras mounted in crucial areas. To give your home the absolute best protection, choose high definition cameras that actually give clear footage even during night time, like Honeywell’s IP cameras. Place your CCTV cameras on strategic areas. It’s best to keep them obscure so intruders are unaware that they’re being watched. In the case of any suspicious activity, check your footage to verify if there were any failed attempts to intrude your home.

4.     Avoid boasting you’re away’.

It can be very tempting to tell all your social media friends and followers that you’re going away on vacation and that you’re taking all members of the nuclear and extended families with you. You’ll never know if the burglar lives next door or across the street so it’s best to never make your home vulnerable. Don’t waste your DIY home automation devices by giving away how empty your house is.

5.     Install alarm systems.

Alarm systems are a great form of security measure especially because they alert emergency authorities and warn the owners of the house from any potential danger of threat. If an intruder sees that your house is protected by an alarm system, there’s a huge possibility that they will change their mind about stealing from your property. In case an unwelcome visitor decides to drop by, hearing an alarm go off usually sends them packing.

6.     Don’t make your door accessible.

You’ve seen it in movies and in different TV shows countless times but in real life, especially nowadays, it is very unsafe to leave your key in ‘obvious’ hiding spots. Avoid putting it near the window, below that fake rock beneath the bushes, under the mat or in the mailbox.

Another idea you can do is to put signs that denote ‘keep off my property’. It can be signage like ‘Beware of Dogs’, ‘This Property is Under Strict Surveillance’, or ‘This Property is protected by House Alarms’. Communicate your message loud and clear so intruders will not entertain the idea of stealing from your house.

Other minor tips you can do to save yourself from home invasion include hiding wirings to prevent them from being cut, changing your locks when you move into a new house and having window stops installed.

It’s also essential that you familiarize yourself with the people in your neighborhood. There had been stories where a family entrusted their place to their next door neighbor only to come home to a house that’s been victimized by home invasion. Know who to trust. Sometimes it’s okay to be a little paranoid. Think like a burglar and consider all the possibilities. Always be on guard and keep your stuff on check.