6 Best Home Security and Alarm Systems of 2017

Last Updated on March 29, 2022 by Kravelv

Safety measures and security precautions are two things that should never be taken for granted. Some homeowners might not think that way, but keeping your family and assets safe should always be a top priority.

If you haven’t thought about or considered getting safety devices for your home, it’s high time you get a Fire Detection Alarm System paired with the best security equipment. With fire accidents and incidences of a burglary happening right about everywhere, the smarter option is to be ready in case something unlikely happens.

To give you insights, we’ve listed our 6 best home security and alarm systems.

1. Frontpoint.

Their DIY devices are relatively easy to install. The installation process is done without hassle through a personalized mobile website that gives step by step instructions. The company is also very transparent in pricing, with no hidden fees embedded in their services. Frontpoint provides superb customer service which is one of their strongest points because their sales representatives are very patient and upfront in discussing product specifics and details.

2. ADT.

ADT is what comes to mind when we talk about home security. With millions of customers, the company is over a century old and it’s no secret why they’ve made it this far – they offer top-notch security services. ADT knows what it takes to protect properties, and that’s why their customers keep patronizing them. Their monitoring systems in the US and in Canada allow them faster response time whenever needed. Their Theft Protection Guarantee will pay up to $500 of their homeowner’s insurance deductible in case your home gets broken into.

3. Vivint.

Vivint is another popular choice of homeowners because their products are not only easy to use, but because they also do home automation. They’re known for systems that are sophisticated and high-technology. Their items require professional installation which they give for free. Another unique offering from Vivint is solar panel installation which helps their clients reduce, or better, eliminate electricity consumption.

4. Nest Protect.

Nest Protect is the new standard in home safety products. It has home automation capabilities, with a unique Split-Spectrum sensor. It also comes with a carbon monoxide detection feature. The device has an app the can send alerts to your mobile phone, allowing you to silence alarms and dial for help. With 400 safety checks performed each day, customers are assured that the device is working well to keep you protected.

5. First Alert Onelink.

The device’s photoelectric sensor is always on the lookout for signs of fire and smoke. Its battery comes with a 10-year life expectancy with no need for charging, ever. When smoke gets detected, instead of a loud beep, you’ll hear something similar to what you hear over a Public Address and Voice Alarm system – a human voice. First Alert Onelink is compatible with Apple devices only.

6. Kidde KN-COSM-BA.

Kidde is the largest manufacturer of fire safety products in the US so there’s no questioning its reputation. This dual smoke and carbon monoxide detector is battery-operated and easy to install. The model is one of the best-selling fire alarms on Amazon.