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Tips to choose the right paint color for your rooms

Choosing the right paint color for your house is definitely a big task. This is because they play a vital role in bringing in positive energy to your room. These colors can influence your mood and create different energy levels in your rooms. Going with the wrong color can end up destroying the level of energy you wanted from your home. Hence this must be a considered as an important part of the process of home renovation or decorating. Today let’s take a look at the important factors to be taken into consideration before choosing the paint color for your home.

Your Mood

You might be wondering about the connection between your mood and the paint color to be chosen for your room. But it goes like this, the color you choose need to get along with your personality type. Otherwise, it can wreck the harmony and bring in lots of negative energy.

If you always need a restful and soothing ambiance from your room then it’s better to go for neutral, soft and cool colors that provide the same effect. But if it’s the other way, and you want your rooms to be dramatic, you can go for strong colors. Warmer and brighter colors will give a sociable atmosphere while deeper blue-greens will give it a formal one.


Lighting plays a very important role in choosing the paint color for your room. The problem is that paint colors look extremely different in different lights. So always paint a small square portion of your wall to test if the color remains same inside your lighting conditions.

Size of the room

The size of your room matters for choosing the best paint color for your room. Most designers advise painting the rooms white if you need to make them look larger. It also gives a sense of airiness. Similarly, if you want to make your big rooms appear a bit smaller and cozy go for dark colors. Lighter colors always give a feeling of openness.

The furnishings

Obviously, going for a wall color that doesn’t have any connection with the furniture and accessories can give a weird look to your room. You don’t have to make everything look match but even if you use contrast colors make sure they don’t sync out in style. Also, ensure it goes hand in hand with your curtain style. Get stylish Curtain Fabrics – Buy By The Metre by searching online.

Adjacent rooms or spaces

Well, most of the contemporary house designs these days have rooms that flow into one another. In such scenarios you need to ensure that the color you choose for all of them have some sort of coordination If you have an arch separating two spaces, then you can choose complementary colors to paint those rooms. Or you can choose to paint them both in the same color. All that matters is these colors should have some sort of continuity. Otherwise, the whole house might look disjointed.

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