Décor Inspiration: Grab Some Ideas from Instagram Influencers

Last Updated on March 29, 2022 by Kravelv

Sara Gilbane, an interior designer based in Manhattan, claims that Instagram is a fantastic helper that works as a great third opinion. This is particularly true in some challenging situations when clients don’t agree with their designer’s opinion. Gilbane says that one client once refused a specific color scheme she suggested, but he quickly changed his mind when the scheme got more than 500 likes on Instagram. That’s exactly what makes this platform so powerful, which is why you should give it a shot. Here are five amazing home décor ideas you should grab from your favorite Instagrammers, so check them out!

Hygge – the Danish obsession with getting cozy and comfy

In case you weren’t familiar with the term, ‘hygge’ is actually a Danish concept that encompasses coziness and the overall well-being we experience through enjoying the small and simple things in life, like sipping at a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy day. If you want to feel those hygge vibes in your own home, make sure to light some candles, since these play a huge role in this concept. A fireplace is also an absolute must, as well as anything knitted – from thick socks and cozy sweaters, to warm throw blankets. If you’re up for some inspiration, check out a list of Instagrammers who perfected the art of hygge and experience it all by yourself.

All-white home décor trend for all the minimalists out there

All-white interiors have been a huge hit on the social media in the last couple of months for a good reason – these are so simple yet extremely effective and sophisticated, which makes them really worth all the hype. Needless to say, this trend is typical of minimalist homes that feature clean lines and a perfect balance between the elements, which is exactly what makes them so special and Instagrammable. The all-white style is perfectly refreshing, however, you can always upgrade it by introducing another color for adding more dimension to your space. A light gray is definitely a fantastic option, so take a look at Athena Calderone’s Instagram account and search for some inspiration.

Make sure you never neglect your garden

Owning a garden inevitably takes a lot of time and effort, but you know what? The final result is totally worth it, so be sure you never neglect it! Instagrammers from all over the globe know that very well, and their flawless photos can serve as an inexhaustible source of inspiration and motivation. Users like @haarkon_ and @the_rhs will make you green with envy (pun intended!), but one thing is certain – they’ll help you take proper care of your garden and get everything in order. Of Course, you should start with the basics like watering your plants regularly, which means that you can invest in quality gardening equipment, like the one you can find on Hoselink.

Going back to nature

When talking about nature, we have to mention beautiful organic materials, quality ceramics, linen tablecloths and jute rugs, as well as gorgeous woven lampshades, which are carefully picked to compliment literally any interior. This home décor trend is all about combining those elements that make a perfect combination of colors and textures which resemble nature itself. As for the shades, we can say that neutral ones are primary, so you can pick white, soft creams, all shades of gray, and a spectrum of browns.  Wood is certainly one of the most frequently picked materials, apart from the above-mentioned, and it definitely brings the ultimate natural vibe to any home.

A cup of coffee, your favorite book, and a fire that crackles in the fireplace? Perfect!

If you have an Instagram account, you surely know that people have gone crazy about the perfect pictures of books, coffee, and fireplaces, and you know what? These are indeed more than appropriate for fall, when people are all about staying inside and enjoying the cold weather in the best possible way – by sipping at a cup of coffee and reading their favorite books, next to a log fire that crackles in the fireplace. This can be considered as a part of hygge philosophy as well since coziness and the overall well-being are at the first place. Of course, taking a photo is an absolute must, particularly for Instagram enthusiasts who love to share their thoughts (in the shape of gorgeous photos) with the world.

Following the latest home décor trends has never been easier than these days, when there are so many fabulous Instagram accounts that provide a daily dose of inspiration everyone needs – especially when the colder weather kicks in. So, if you’re up for some decorating and/or renovating action, be sure you check out your favorite Instagram influencers, because, thanks to them, you definitely won’t need a decorator! And if you need some tips on how to make use of your camera, check out this article from our friend at Groom and Style.

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