Fun Facts behind the Color of Your Home and How it Affects Your Mood

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Decorating your home is often viewed as simply a matter of what looks attractive. But in color psychology perspective, it is believed that every color you use to decorate your home has a profound effect on the emotional aspect. Scientifically, colors have a psychological impact on people, with different colors having different effects. Every color in your home, whether you are residing in Amaia Home or any real estate property, they represent a certain meaning.

According to a color consultant in Old Greenwich, Conn Leslie Harrington, “What color you paint your walls isn’t just a matter of aesthetics. It’s a tool that can be leveraged to affect emotions and behavior.” That means you don’t pick a certain color for your home just because you like it. You were probably drawn by a certain color since you know it means something to you and your well-being. If you like the idea of using colors to create an emotionally healthy home, below are intriguing facts behind the colors and how it affect your mood.


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White is a common color for most homes. The color is typically associated with cleanliness, which is why the color white is usually use for bathrooms. Moreover, white can create an environment that feels too hygienic, making it an unlikely option for living rooms and dining rooms.  Moreover, you can use white to make other colors stand out.



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The color pink is usually soft, soothing, and warm. Pink is a good candidate for the bathroom or bedroom. For the bathroom, light pink is ideal since it can create a healthy glow for many skin tones.  While using it in the living, pink utilized as an accent color, which provides contrast with a darker main color.



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Blue is known to create a comfortable, peaceful, calm setting. This color is ideal for places such as the bathroom, office/study, bedroom or even in the living room. Moreover, having the color blue can increase and maintain concentration, boost productivity, and lower the heart rate. However, never use blue in your kitchen or dining room since it can curb appetites.



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The color green is an ideal choice for the living room since it represents tranquility, healing, and peacefulness. Moreover, green symbolizes balance and harmony, and it goes great with many other colors. If you want to improve your bathroom, then go with the lighter shades of green. While for yellow-greens or blue-greens are great choices for a workout area or office space for a happier ambiance.



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Yellow is known to stimulate thinking and improve metabolism. When it comes to your living room or bathroom, you can use lighter shades of yellow. However, this color won’t look good in your room since it can be stimulating and overwhelming.



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The color read is typically known to be powerful and usually associated with excitement, hunger stimulation, stress and sometimes, headaches. And since red is stimulated with hunger, it is best suited for areas like the kitchen or dining room. However, if you are on a diet, red is not an option. Red is also ideal for workout rooms since it excites and stimulates.



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The color purple is known for royalty and creativity. And if you want to have a relaxing environment in your bedroom, then go for a deeper shades of purple. Moreover, this color is also a great option for living rooms and offices.


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Black is undeniably the most powerful color you can use in your home. This color can come off as sleek and edgy, but it can also be depressing. And to achieve elegance to your home, use black in moderation.

Knowing these colors will help you determine what color will you choose for your home. Of course, this is to make sure that you will live a healthy lifestyle that you ever wanted.


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