Little Things Can Cause Big Problems – 7 Tips to Protect Your Home

Last Updated on March 29, 2022 by Kravelv

We all want our homes to be safe, and we hope that we are also safe inside our homes. We install smoke alarms and motion detectors and we hope that it will be enough. However, we tend to overlook small things which may seem insignificant, but which, if ignored, can result in big problems. We give you a list of seven little things to keep an eye on in your home, which can result in complications if ignored.

Mind the pipes

For one reason or another, there seem to be more problems with sewer lines, piping, and water than before, and the reason may be that sewer systems age and aren’t paying attention. It can happen that a sewer backs up into your home, ruining your electrical systems, flooring, and even walls. This is the reason why you should take time to determine how old your pipes are and see if any of them need to be repaired and/or replaced. Stay alert and look out for warning signs of leakage: a faucet that just keeps dripping and a toilet that drains slowly are tell-tale signs that something’s off.

Protect your wood

Even though some of you might laugh at the idea of termites destroying your home, the threat is real. These seemingly harmless insects can cause damage severe enough that you need thousands of dollars of investment to repair everything in your home. Termites feed on wood which means that your wood, flooring, and wallpapers are at risk, and what is more, they might eat away your home’s structural support too. At least once a year call a pest control company and have them come over and inspect your home. It’s a small task which will help you keep your home safe.

Keep the gutters clean

Gutters are extremely important because they control the flow of rainwater, thus protecting your walls, roof, and foundation, not to mention your landscape too. They are a necessity, but they become a nightmare in a blink of an eye if you don’t keep them clean. You can try handling clogged gutters yourself, or you could ask a professional like Ryan’s Gutter Cleaning to help you because cleaning the gutters could be a dangerous task. Clogged drains may result in severe water damage to your home and a leaky roof, and it’s better to prevent it from happening by keeping your gutters clean.

Reduce the number of extension cords

Extension cords are easy and convenient, but if you’re not careful you can easily start a house fire. You should use a small number of extension cords in a home, seeing as you can draw too much power through a single circuit. This doesn’t sound harmful but it can result in a house fire. If you put too many appliances to only one or two outlets you will overload it. You should try utilizing your power by using power backup devices as well as by spacing the appliances out evenly instead of cramming them together.

Get a surge protector

Summer lightning storms may be fun to watch on TV (or even from the comfort of your home), but they are dangerous for several reasons. If a lightning strikes close to your home it can result in a fire, but if it strikes into your home, the fire may start there. Luckily, there is an easy way to protect your home and yourself: simply use a whole-house surge protector. This simple device is designed to protect electrical devices in your home from voltage spikes.

Dust regularly

Dusting your home regularly goes without saying, even if the task seems ridiculous (and sometimes even pointless). However, dust accumulation is a fire hazard, especially if it’s accumulated on outlets and electronic devices. Vacuum regularly and make sure to dust behind electrical devices.

Clear the fireplace

Check your fireplace and chimney on regular bases or you might be under a risk of a home fire. Small animals can easily get stuck inside chimneys and prevent the smoke from going out, or it can happen that a collection of soot and debris messes with ventilation. Clean and maintain your fireplace, especially if you use it often.

Sometimes, small actions or even inactions can be the cause of major problems in your home, but luckily if you pay attention to details and double-check everything, you will be sure that your home is well protected.

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