Top Tips for Moving with Ease

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Moving is never easy regardless if you live in a big home or a small apartment because if you are not organized then it can all be a mess. Here are some important tips for you to use before you make the big move.

  1. Hire help from movers

It is always a good idea by hiring a moving and storage company to help you move out of your old home to the new one. You would be surprised that the amount of ease you get after letting the professionals do the job for you. There are many moving storage companies in Australia that can help you do so such as Walkers moving and storage.

  1. De-clutter

This is a great way for you to de-clutter and clear out all the useless and unnecessary things that you have stored and hoarded up in the past few years. It will not only prioritize the items that you need to take with you, but you can also take those useless or items by selling them online or have a yard sale. This way when the movers arrive, you won’t have to pay them more because of those extra cartons of things that you don’t even use anymore.

  1. Organize expensive items yourself

Before the movers arrive, make sure to have all of your expensive and valuable items organized, packed and stored with you. You can take them yourself or you can put labels on the cartons as fragile/valuable so that the movers are extra careful. Keep your jewellery, watches, medals (if any) with you and store them in a separate container. Empty out your safe if you have any and never let it go with the other things in the moving truck.

  1. Get moving supplies

Although moving companies provide the cartons themselves but if you want some extra cartons then you can always ask your local grocery store or supermarket to give you some for free. They have cartons of every size and will be happy to help you and also because recycling is important.

  1. Plants

If you have plants in your home then cover them up and keep the pots in a separate carton that is open. These days many people just have plants for rent that are an alternative to buying plants. This way when they are moving then they can just return them and to have the hassle of moving them or selling them away.

  1. Label it and categorize!

This is really important when it comes to moving homes. People just think getting all of their stuff in the cartons is the last step in packing. But labeling is equally important. It makes your life easier as you won’t have scour through each every carton later on for one thing. Never put mixed things n a carton. If you do choose to do so then only keep one room’s things in a carton so that all of those things can be found together.

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