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Tips on Decorative and Functional New Kitchen Cabinet Doors

If you are thinking of getting new kitchen cabinet doors then there are tons of options out there that can make the entire ordeal a bit confusing for you. With a choice of many materials and ranges to choose from it is quite natural to be unsure. But at the end of the day you have to pick designs that meet your kitchen requirements and also your budget. Here are some simple ways of deciding whether you want to refurbish your old kitchen cabinet doors or simply replace them with new ones:

  1. Need:

The first thing that you should consider here is whether you actually need new kitchen cabinet doors or would the older ones suffice. This is imperative because you wouldn’t want to invest in new and expensive ones only to realize that your earlier cabinet doors were in decent condition and would have clearly made another 10 years. Once you are sure that you do want new ones, move on to the next step.

  1. Material:

Consider the actual material that you want to use in your new kitchen cabinet doors. If you were using wood previously but due to budget constraints want to shift to laminates that makes perfect sense. You can also opt for a blend of some light wood with laminates. Alternatively, you may want to consider glass or even fiber-glass doors that provide a cool finish, especially for contemporary kitchens. You can also consider pure wood ones but they do tend to cost a bit more. The biggest advantage of wood is that they last for decades, which means in the long run you are saving a lot more than what you invested.

  1. Style:

Next, work on the style of new kitchen cabinet doors. If you have a colonial home with a spacious kitchen and lots of room to move around, you can consider trying decorative woods with a bit carving. Remember that the kitchen is one place where smoke and heat is going to lead to dirt accumulation; hence carving is not really a good idea for smaller or medium kitchens. In such cases, you should always opt for cleaner designs that are easier to clean and maintain.

  1. Color Schemes:

It is important to think about the color of the new kitchen cabinet doors and what kind of handles you would want in them. For smaller and compact kitchens, instead of the usual doors you may want to consider sliding doors, which provide you with a lot of space. This also means that you will not constantly bang one door against the other. Think of colors that define your kitchen space. A sunny and airy kitchen can make do with dark colors but on the other hand a kitchen with less of natural lights would perhaps look best in lighter or pastel shades.

  1. Shelves and Storage:

Finally, do not forget what goes into the new kitchen cabinet doors. You would want some neatly arranged shelves in there for fitting in all of your essentials. You may also want to arrange these in a way so they are easily accessible. Think of trendy and easy to use handles that don’t slip constantly. You can also think about new features like magnets in the hinges that help your cabinet doors shut automatically and tighter so that too much of smoke and dust won’t go in.

With these simple tips in mind, you can get yourself some really good looking new kitchen cabinet doors that are functional and also provide an aesthetic appeal.

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