Five Easy Steps to Remodel Your Kitchen Cabinet

Last Updated on March 9, 2022 by Kravelv

Why take the pain to rip out or tear down the kitchen cabinets completely when there is an option for remodelling? Most dated kitchens have nicer cabinets than new stock cabinets. If the kitchen layout is functional then throwing out entire cabinets is not a wise thing to do. Drastic changes happen just with the help of the intelligent remodeling process. The look and feel of the cabinets change to brand new ones and the kitchen looks completely renovated as well. How does a home remodeling contractor work to produce high-quality custom cabinets with minimum hassle? Here are some steps:

Five Easy Steps to Remodel Your Kitchen Cabinet

Removing Old Accessories

The first and foremost step in the remodelling process is to exclude exterior pieces, old doors, drawers, hardware and accessories. Be it remodelling cabinets or the entire kitchen, it’s always wise to start light. The contractor consults with the owner to enlist the never used, old pile stocks of wooden structure, accessories, papers, bottles even knobs and drawers and remove those first.

Designing with Some Exclusive Touch

It’s time for designing and building new, solid wood cabinet pieces, solid wood doors, and custom doors and drawers. They would complete half of the job of making them look new and perfect. It’s better to avoid easily damaged or delaminated wood sheets or covers. Unlike wood sheets, a new thick face frame installed over the old face frame doesn’t crack from impact damage. All the exposed cabinet surfaces and cabinet ends should match the new door styles with solid wood pieces. Decorative panelled cabinet ends look good and custom-built. Full-extension, soft-close drawer glides are necessary.


Sometimes customers want to just reface and paint the cabinetry to avoid unnecessary hazards. But cabinet resurfacing isn’t a new concept and standard reface can’t always deliver high-end features of new custom cabinets. Reface is definitely not as smart as remodel. Some exclusive reframing process is required. Then the contractor modifies and builds cabinetry to come to the perfect kitchen layout.

Saving countertops and flooring

It’s always a good idea not to disturb the countertops and flooring if not required. Sometimes the countertops are connected to the custom kitchen cabinets in such a way that the contractor can’t help but dismantling the countertops. But given the options, one can give a new look to the cabinetry according to the looks and textures of the countertops and floors.

Five Easy Steps to Remodel Your Kitchen Cabinet2

Upgrading the Usability of Kitchen

The kitchens should have sufficient storage space but with full convenience and accessibility so that the storage space is utilized properly. Custom storage space ensures the function and flow of the kitchen. A Smart, space-saving storage plan uses every inch of the space. A cabinet with separate containers for glass, plastic and metal can be equipped. A spare drawer is of use too, it can hold old newspapers.

This is how the remodelling process can be taken care of. The best part of it is the kitchen remains usable when the work is not going on. The entire process takes 2-3 weeks only.