Pet-Friendly Furniture for Animal Lovers

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Kravelv

Anyone who has ever lost a huge chunk of their rental deposit because of the damage done by their pet will know that not all furniture is pet-friendly. If you have cats, you will likely already know that they don’t mix well with leather couches, delicate curtains or plant pots. And anyone with dogs will know that shaggy rugs, white sofas and screen doors don’t last long.

Some pet parents try to remedy this by buying one set of furniture for their pet and another set for themselves. Soon enough, their home is cluttered with seldom-used pet furniture, and the dog still insists on sleeping on the bed. They key to making sure your pet can co-exist with your furniture is in choosing the right pieces for your unique needs. Why not try these unique furniture ideas for animal lovers…

Removable Covers

When choosing a sofa, removable covers should be your number one priority. Spot cleaning muddy paw prints from a sofa shouldn’t be on anyone’s to-do list, so save yourself the stress and buy something you can throw in the washing machine. You can always layer these up with blankets to help your home look more refined.

Multi-Use Furniture

Look for furniture that you and your pet can both enjoy. A chair with a cat hammock hidden underneath is the best example of this. Some pet owners also create places on bookshelves for their pet to hide out. For cats, adding squares of carpet to the side of bookcases will provide the perfect scratching post and help save the rest of your furniture.


Image from Design Rulz

Go Smart

If you enjoy your tech gadgets, you’ll be pleased to learn that your pet’s furniture can go smart too! If your dog is always stealing the cat’s food or vice versa, automatic pet feeders will help to keep their paws off each other’s food. The feeders work by recognising their pet microchip and only allowing the right amount of food out. You can also fit pet microchip cat flaps that will prevent neighbourhood pets letting themselves into your home.


Greenery for indoor pets

If you don’t have an outdoor space, it can be nice to introduce some greenery for your pet. Anyone with cats will tell you that potted plants are generally a disaster, but there are ways you can bring some greenery into your home without having to clean up soil every morning. This dining table will allow you cat to play in the grass without letting him get to the soil. Obviously, you’ll have to clean it well before using it as a table!

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