Top 9 Myths About Burglaries

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When securing your home against any break-ins, you likely have ideas about how and what a burglar will attempt when trying to rob your home.  A lot of these ideas can be misconceptions based on shows we’ve watched or stories we’ve heard.  Before really securing your home, it’s important to dispel any myths or preconceived notions you may have about the average robber.  Your safety depends on it.

Here are several myths about burglaries that are easy to believe, but not true:

  1. Burglars are always male

We all have a stereotype in our heads of what a burglar looks like. Tall, male, wearing black clothes, gloves, and a hat.  This could be from movies we’ve grown up watching like Home Alone.  In reality, about 1 in every 14 burglars is female.  So if you notice someone suspicious, don’t discount them just because they are female.


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  1. Security stickers on windows will deter burglars.

If a burglar has learned how to hack and disable a security system, displaying a sticker for that security system advertises 2 things to the burglar. First, that you are worried about a break-in because you must be protecting several valuables. Second, that you use a security system that they know how to disable. This can make your home a prime target for an invasion.   It’s a better idea to have hidden cameras around the property and home, or an alarm system you aren’t advertising.


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  1. Most burglaries take place at night in darkness

Our culture has changed from someone being at home during the day to both members of a home working while the kids are in school.  As more people work during the day than staying at home, it’s more likely the home will be empty during the day.  This empty home leaves it vulnerable to attacks.

  1. A pet will deter a burglar

Although a menacing bark may warn a burglar that a house is protected by a dog, it doesn’t mean they won’t attempt a break-in. These days, many household dogs are trained to be friendly. Though they may send a warning bark, once greeted by a friendly person, they accept the person into the house without a second thought.  Some burglars have learned to act calm and friendly when approaching a household dog. top-9-myths-about-burglaries2

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  1. Burglars usually come through the window.

Actually, they would much prefer to walk through an unlocked door, like a sliding door in the back of a house. Many people leave their back door unlocked while running to the store, or picking up a kid from a game. These leave your home open to an easy invasion. Remember that time is a burglar’s biggest enemy and the quicker he can get in, the more time he’ll get to look around for valuables.

  1. Firearms and TVs are the most commonly stolen items

Burglars biggest enemy is time. They want to be in and out of the house as quickly as possible.  Lugging around a TV or trying to break into a gun safe isn’t what a typical burglar will do.  They look for the smallest, most expensive items.  Jewelry, cash, small and expensive electronics are the most commonly stolen items.

  1. Stopping regular deliveries and your mail while you are away make your home safer.

This can be as noticeable to a thief as it piling up in your mailbox or front door step. Having someone to pick up your mail and other deliveries is a better indicator that the home is occupied by still receiving mail and people may be at home.

  1. Leaving a light on makes burglars think you are home.

Actually, lights that stay on all day and night could indicate that the home is empty. Some burglars observe patterns when people are home and turn on lights. When this pattern stops, it’s easy for them to pick up that the person has gone on vacation.

  1. Crime doesn’t happen in my area

You may feel extremely comfortable and secure in your neighborhood. None of your neighbors have been robbed so you believe that a robbery wouldn’t happen in your area.  Think again.  Every year, 8 million homes are robbed every year.  Follow the advice listed above and rethink some of those myths that you may have previously believed.  It can keep you and your family safe!


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