Making the Case for Bay and Bow Windows

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Ever think of having a bay or bow window in your home? These two types of windows are among some of the biggest options available to homeowners, thanks to featuring multiple panels. And because they can be big, they are also some of the more expensive types of windows you can put in your home. Are bay and bow windows right for you?

The good stuff

Because of their size, bay and bow windows have a number of advantages over other types of windows, including offering:

  • A good view of the outdoors – Due to having multiple panels, bay and bow windows provide expansive views, making them great for homes with gardens or those located in picturesque spots. The windows are also configured to form a curve with their panels, creating the illusion of “bringing” the outdoors inside your home.

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  • Excellent ventilation – What ventilates better than an open window panel? Three or more window panels, that’s what. With all panels fully opened, a bay or bow window acts like a massive opening that lets fresh air in and stale air out.
  • Great natural lighting – The bigger the window, the more sunlight can enter, and bay and bow windows are all about being big. These two types of windows bring in plenty of natural light into your home, allowing you to take advantage of daylighting, which can impart spaciousness to a room as well as help you cut back on energy costs.

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  • Timeless beauty – Bay and bow windows have been around for years and yet never seem to go out of style. Whether they’re used in classic home designs that hint of 17th century elegance or in sleek, contemporary themes of modern-day homes, you can never go wrong with these two window styles.

The “bad” stuff

No window is perfect; even bay and bow windows have their weak points. Fortunately, these “bad” points aren’t that bad at all, and there are plenty of workarounds you can employ to address them and make bay and bow windows viable options nonetheless.

  • Lack of privacy – The bigger the window, the bigger the chance that someone can peep in, yes? Not if you can help it. There are a number of window treatments you can use and all work great towards offering you privacy when you need it. Be it curtains or shades, shutters or blinds, window treatments also aid in improving indoor aesthetics as an added benefit.

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  • Too hot during summer – With great amounts of natural light comes plenty of natural heat. This could be a problem especially during summer. To minimize heat coming into your home, make sure your bay or bow window uses low-E glass , with window frames made of high-insulating materials.

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  • “Expensive” – Remember what I said earlier about bay and bow windows being more expensive than other types of windows? It’s true–they do cost more because you’re practically buying several windows at once. However, bay and bow windows add incredible value to your home. Combine that with the advantages mentioned earlier and you’ll see that the premium cost these windows command are worth the investment, something especially beneficial if you’re planning to sell your home in the future.


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Chelsea Rokusek is Marketing Manager, Renewal by Andersen of Phoenix.


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