Things To Consider When Setting Up Your Entertainment Room

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A household typically used to have a living room, kitchen, dining area, garage and then our personal bedrooms. But due to an increasing demand for media, games and other amusement available at home, we come up with a valid excuse to create another room in our house, the entertainment room. Entertainment rooms have become a prevalent solution for our ever thirst to be entertained. This room is not just a single setup for a particular area of amusement, but it can be a composition of anything between board games, pool, arcade, and theater.

In 2017, the consumers in the U.S. spend around USD $20.49 billion for home entertainment. According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average American household spent around 5.6 percent of their annual income for entertainment in 2016. That includes streaming subscriptions, tickets, toys and other forms of entertainment. The allocated funding for entertainment is almost as high as the expenditure on health care, which stands at 5.9 percent, and is more than the spending used for education and clothing combined.

If you like to keep yourself entertained and are thinking of setting up your own entertainment haven then here are some things for you to consider.


Before anything else, you need to establish the limit and scope of your entertainment room by creating a strict budget. It is easy to go over budget when building and planning an entertainment room because the items for it is marketed by its cool factor and that comes with a price. Your budget will work as your guide between your needs and wants. Is a lazy boy a priority for your sitting? Or will a comfortable couch work? Do you prefer a high-end smart TV or a simple device that will let you stream movies while saving money.? List the items in a priority order and match it with a specific budget.

Floor Plan

You need a floor plan to make sure everything fits and does not create an awkward suffocating space. Make sure you have a proper layout for furniture and electronic equipment. Establishing adequate distance for each item makes a great difference and ambiance for the room. It will make it comfortable, wide and inviting. Also, it is necessary to make enough space in between because it impacts the visual experience, sound, and movement. Make sure you have an organized, safely inspected wiring, it is necessary for every electronics to be within the safe distance from plugs. It may not be necessary but it is helpful to make the room soundproof.


Your TV will probably be the focal point of this room so it is important to purchase the best for you. There are a number of TV features that will make you excited, but to ensure you buy the best, ask yourself what you need. Do you need a curved TV? An Ultra HD smart TV or will a larger projector work? It is all up to you, just make sure you don’t get persuade with a cunning sales talk. You know what you want and what you need better than a salesperson.


The way your furniture fits in your entertainment room makes a huge difference in terms of style, design, and comfort. When you are about to buy furniture make sure they fit adequately in the room, and by adequate I mean they don’t fill in the room. An entertainment room is a place for games, and relaxation combines so the quality of furniture you have matters. In addition to your couch, chair, tables make sure you have enough storage place for your electronic equipment. A bookshelf, TV stand or cabinet will keep all your gaming, entertainment stuff from a console, magazines, connected-TV devices and wires to be well-organized.

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  1. With a little planning, you can turn a not-so-kingly space into an entertainment setup fit for a king of the house. Mount Your TV, Conceal your Cables, Go for the low profile entertainment center, these are the best way to decor your Entertainment Center.

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