5 Unique Room Ideas for Your Garage Space

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What happens in a garage, stays in a garage. And that’s why garages are a total mess. Here are some smart ways that will help you transform your garage into a cool space.

Garages unlike many other places in your house are typically functional spaces. So that makes you think..”I mean its a garage, you don’t decorate a garage, right”. Wrong. Garage transformation, when executed correctly will add another livable extension to your already beautiful house. It’s easy and fun. Do you want to transform your garage from

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This :

To this?

There are many experienced companies providing Garage Door Service which is great. Go for it. Or, you could take the matter in your own hands, roll up your sleeves and get to work. Here are 5 unique room ideas for your garage space that would make your neighbors jealous. Ready?

Alright, first things first. Before giving your garage a makeover, you need to have a rough idea of the available space and number of items. Adding random storage options to an already crammed garage would be a disaster. Open up all the shelves and drawers to know what you are dealing with. The number of items you have, what you want to keep and which ones do not serve any purpose. Yes, we are speaking of decluttering here.

This might take a while, but it is better to lay everything on the garage floor and have a bird’ eye view of it. Next, you will need to sort your items into piles. Be very smart while sorting out. Your garage is not a dumpster. Consider renting a dumpster for all your unwanted things. Keep in mind you have limited space and work accordingly. You could sort your items according to their use or their size.

That’s it. Put on some gloves, a dust mask, get into a pair of old pajamas and grab a bottle of that good old surface cleaner.

1. Storage Bins

Basic yet so essential. No kidding. Storage bins are quite handy and useful when it comes to organization. It is not the big, obvious stuff that bothers, the tiny orphan items, that go in nowhere are the real problem. Get as many of these storage bins as you need. There are many options available in the market however it better to stick to the basic sturdy ones and personalize them. And you thought this will not be fun. Place all the stray items in these bins ( or as you like it ) and give each bin a little inventory list of its own. You do not have to write an essay. Just a list of items it contains.

You can now stash these bins on top of each other, and if you have too many, even better. Create a ‘bin wall’ of your own. and you can paint it as a puzzle. This way, you know which bin goes where and it looks uber interesting.

2. Folding Workbench

Not just any folding workbench. Because you are optimizing your space, it is to go for a wall-mounted folding workbench. Any DIY enthusiast will know what we are talking about. Workbenches are great but are quite inconvenient to carry around. Foldable workbenches are lightweight and very portable.  Wall-mounted folding tables go a step further in saving space. But every workplace needs creativity. So here is how we are going to transform your regular wall mounted folding bench into something very….er…french?

Rustic is the new love of the century. A wooden table would be lovely. Attach a wooden wall shelf to the folding bench and place a vintage study lamp on the table. Something 1950s? Use the shelves to store your small tools and maybe some good books. A pop of color will stand out beautifully against the rustic background. Place some hanging flowers ( in the shades of lavender preferably ) to give the entire setting a breath of fresh air.

3. Couches and coffee

If you want to turn your garage into a cozy cave, couches are a must. You don’t have to buy brand new ones always. We have all got that one couch that simply wouldn’t fit into the living room. Planning of getting rid of your old couches? Why not shift it to your garage space instead. A cute coffee maker and couch are like two peas in a pod.

If you have got an old sofa chair, even better. Place it beside the window and enjoy your cup of steaming coffee, staring blankly at the pouring rain outside. Dolce far niente? The sweetness of doing nothing. Do not forget to dust your couch, however. Garages can get dusty at times and you don’t want your furniture catching mold.

4. Kids Playroom

Kids can never have enough toys to play with. Are you tired of tripping on a squeaky irritating T-Rex now and then? Do you kids get on your last nerve complaining they have nothing to play with? And you have got a garage space?

Well, it’s time to turn your old garage into a Disneyland. This might need a little bit of extra work, but the results are promising. Surprise your kids by giving them a room to themselves, just to fool around. First things first. Kids don’t appreciate the whole rustic idea. Re-paint the walls or get some new wallpapers. Make the entire space look cheerful and colorful. And then comes the basic rule. No sharp objects, make the room completely kid-friendly.

5. Garage Gym

A gym membership could cost you quite a bit and if you are lazy, all that money goes down in the drain. This is probably the most interesting and useful addition you can make to your garage. No more self-inflicted torture of waking up and going to the gym. Clear the space and make way for all your gym equipment. You can even add a sound system and TV for some music and inspiration. Treadmills, elliptical machines, punching bags, gym balls. All neatly fitted into one cozy space. Keep in mind that the flooring should provide some traction. Make sure the area has proper ventilation and add a ceiling fan if necessary.


Any unused space can transform into something useful if we put our backs into it. And garages especially, are an empty canvas, to pain your heart out. Don’t shy away from being creative. After all, it’s your ‘Me-Space’ right?


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