Attain Quality in Every Square to Take Flooring to the Next Level with Stone

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

Are you looking to upgrade your home to step up to the future?

Now that you’re changing almost everything, why turn a blind eye to your flooring? Choosing natural stone flooring is indeed a great addition to your home. And, why not? It’s enduring and is sure to outlast your flooring options.

plush lounge set on stone floor

But, the real question arises- with so many choices, how do you select the ideal stone flooring? Sticking around and discovering maxims for choosing a natural stone for floors sounds like a way out. Can’t wait to know how? Let’s get going:

Value and Not Just Trend:

Natural stone floors swear to add value to your paradise much more efficiently than other flooring choices. While laminate and carpet have a life measured in years, stone flooring lasts millennia. The following considerations are sure to validate your natural stone flooring decision:

  1. These are easy to restore.
  2. Are capable of standing up to traffic and wear.
  3. Easy to resurface beautifully without even coming to notice.
  4. Has recognition for its natural beauty.

Usual Wear and Tears:

This point is an old test of time. If you’re looking for temporary flooring, you will go with carpet. However, now that you’re looking for solid home flooring, you rely on stone.

Perhaps, it holds utmost importance to know that not all stone flooring choices are equal. Almost all the modern flooring materials wear with high-foot traffic. Yes, this is suitable for slate, granite, marble, and travertine. This usual wear and tear make the actual decision about opting for a restoration service. And, to maintain the restoration capability, natural stone flooring is a must thought- consideration.

Materials have their capabilities. For instance, slate is impressive, but the natural beauty comes from its uneven nature. Restoration and refinishing can ruin the same. The porcelain tiles make stone flooring, which is highly durable and designed to stand high traffic areas. Marble, on the other hand, is dense and complex. The hardness of the material makes it easier to refinish the natural stones.

Thereby, choose the one that meets your diverse needs with complete ease!

Natural Color and Apt Size:

Natural stone flooring comes in diverse colours, which vary from pure white to rich and deep black. Another consideration is the mined stone size. For instance, travertine is cut from a stalagmite, making the existence of more giant slabs impossible.

Granite and marble, on the other hand, come in more giant slabs. Although colours and patterns are one thing, translucent stones are kings in flooring.

The Verdict – A Stone Flooring Carved to your Dreams

Some other key considerations that you must dwell in mind are alteration and enhancements, stain removal techniques, and replacement. Taking note of these holds pivotal importance because installing stone tiles is often a labour-intensive technique.

Thereby, hiring a seasoned and dedicated professional seems like the best decision. After all, you wish to ensure the proper installation. Just talk to the experienced stone dealer and find out the stone variety you’re considering.

In the end, it’s all about adorning your floor today and bringing joy to living!

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