Advantages of hardwood laminate flooring

Last Updated on April 11, 2022 by Kravelv

With stiff competition in flooring, hardwood laminate flooring is seemingly gaining popularity. When it comes to increasing home value flooring is a factor you can’t compromise. As such, you should be acquainted with all options available for you, therefore, making an informed decision.

For a quality finish without spending all your savings, laminate floors are the best flooring option.

Real wood appearance

When it comes to mimicking the results of hardwood floors, laminate flooring stands unrivaled. Due to this hardwood flooring in Vancouver has gained traction and become a popular choice. Currently, you can get every shade that hardwood floors in laminate material.

Even better, the laminate is less likely to be defective therefore making it easy to achieve uniformity. Unlike its wood counterparts, you don’t have to struggle with choosing your boards as they are designed to achieve easy installation.

With the abundance of choice within affordable prices, you may find yourself conflicted on whether hardwood flooring is necessary.


Installing hardwood floors is among the most straightforward procedures. As a result, this is a great DIY project that consumes little time. With laminate floors, you are not obliged to nail it on the ground as it proves to be a great floor even when left floating.

Owing to this fact, you can save on the cost of hiring a professional therefore cutting down the overall cost of installing hardwood laminate flooring.


Achieving the best interior décor was erstwhile a process that required you to cough up a substantial amount of cash. Given that hardwood floors are designed from exotic trees; the price can be overwhelming.

Thanks to laminate floors, you don’t have to leave a massive dent in your wallet in an attempt to improve your house. Due to its cheap cost, it is popular to come across laminate flooring in Vancouver. Given its ease of installation, you can install the boards by yourself, therefore, cutting down costs of installation.


Due to its multilayered design and sturdy material, laminate floors exhibit uniquestrength. Even better, the boards are covered with a wear-resistant coating that withstands frequent traffic without wearing out. Unlike its wood counterparts, this proves a great choice in design as it doesn’t get easily scratched therefore ideal for a home with pets.

The coating applied on laminate boards is also waterproof, therefore, ensuring that no water seeps into your boards resulting in damage. However, avoid letting water lie on your floor for long durations of time as it may lead to damage over time.

To get longer lasting damage, experts recommend that you invest in 12mm laminate flooring as opposed to thinner choices. This will also help in reducing noise thus giving you a near-hardwood experience.

Tip: when buying laminate floors, ensure that you get extra boards, therefore, providing for cutting of wood and catering for any boards that may get damaged over time.

Ease of cleaning

Unlike carpets, cleaning laminate floors is easy as they do not absorb dirt. Due to this, you can easily mop your floor without missing any dirt. For pet lovers, laminate flooring is a great savior. This ensures that you clean off pet hair completely thus avoiding any allergies that may arise due to dust and pet hair.

When buying laminate floors, ensure that they almost resemble the color of your pets as they easily show animal hair. Also, ensure you frequently mop your laminate floor to avoid a buildup of dust.

Great with subfloors

In some cases, experts do not recommend using wood on subfloors. This is because some subfloors may absorb water, therefore, undermining the duration of service. Laminate floors, on the other hand, do not seep water, therefore, are great in the case of newly installed subfloors. 


With ceramic tiles and cement floors, the home design might be undermined. Also, the recent trends in house design are for a single colored floor to which laminate floors conform. However, laminate floors ensure that you bring in the sense of style to your house design, therefore, complementing the décor.

Having understood the benefits of laminate flooring, you can easily decide if it’s the best fit for your needs. It is also wise to consider more factors, therefore, knowing how to go about installing your laminate floor.

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