6 decorating ideas that will bring joy to your home this holiday season

Last Updated on March 16, 2022 by Kravelv

We’re all excited that the holiday season is 10 days away. But we’re not that happy that we must prep the house for Christmas. Decorating takes time and money, and sadly not everyone can afford a complete makeover. Nonetheless, there are ways you can switch things up without breaking the bank. The secret is to plan smart, have a budget, and get inspiration from outside sources. Gather all your ideas and write them down. Check out the web for practical advice, and your home will look fabulous without breaking the bank.

  1. Front door & staircase décor

Begin with the front door, and make your patio stand out with tree branches, ornaments, wreaths, and ribbons. Make a huge arch above the front entry, and be careful when decorating. Don’t exaggerate with color and choose maximum three. This season, it’s all about white, gold and green. Use fresh citrus fruit to adorn your wreaths, and give your home an exotic, original allure from the very entrance.

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Don’t ignore the staircase. Christmas is the best time of the year to play around with your home décor, and adorn areas of the house that you wouldn’t otherwise. In this case, we have the staircase. Add a festive cheer to yours by wrapping it nicely in wreath. Use guardrails, string lights and finials. Create magic, and do it with taste!

  1. Special wall décor – framed art

Special occasions, such as Christmas, demand special décor solutions. Replace conventional wall décor such as paintings and mirrors, with holiday-inspired framed art. It’s fun and simple, and the good news is there are lots of DIY projects you can get inspired from. Ask the kids for help and enjoy a few hours of family fun. Place framed DIY paintings at the entry, in the kitchen and living room. Give your home a merry vibe and your friends and family will be delighted with the end result.

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  1. Deck the windows

Forget all about conventional window treatments, and choose holiday-inspired decorations for Christmas. Use special ornaments such as wreath, globes, and ribbons, and make your windows complement your house décor beautifully. However, whatever decorations you decide to use, don’t go over the top. It’s ok to have some color, although you shouldn’t add too much.

  1. Christmas scents

We love the way Christmas smells like, don’t we? When you’re done with decorating the house – both on the outside and on the inside – the next step is to take care of the ambiance. A home that smells like freshly-baked cookies, cinnamon, vanilla and orange, is a home that smells like Christmas. Invest in scented candles in different colors, or prepare some hot punch before the guests arrive. They’ll love it!

  1. Mantel decorations

If you have a fireplace in the living room, then decorating the mantel is a must. The mantel can change completely the way your home looks and feels, especially on Christmas. Hang a nice green wreath (preferably made of real pine), and adorn it with candles (pinecone-shaped), ornaments and other accessories. Decide on a dominant color, and preserve a certain pattern.

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  1. Coffee table décor

Decorating your coffee table for Christmas is extremely important. When guests walk into a living room, the first item that draws their attention is the coffee table, which usually is located in the center of the room. It has to look amazing for people to feel comfortable. Around the holiday season, you should adorn it properly. Think outside the box and place ornaments that complement the rest of your living area. Place scented candles, seasonal flower pots, books, and maybe a tall vase with different flower assortments. Make it stand out, and your guests will feel the merry allure of the holiday season.

Go beyond decorating a Christmas tree for this holiday season, and adorn your home with the best and most striking accessories and ornaments. Before getting started, settle on a dominant color. Pick a nuance and use it everywhere around the house, but in discreet quantities. Give a twist to your kitchen roman blind, and hang a wreath at the top; or replace your conventional rug in the hallway, with a more holiday-appropriate carpet is happier color palette. Red and green might seem like a good idea!

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