Six simple solutions for a broken window

Last Updated on March 23, 2022 by Kravelv

Everyone wishes for a beautiful house. It depends on the interior and exterior of the house. If the interior and exterior of the house are awesome then the house will appeal everyone. Windows also come under the interior or exterior of a house. There comes a time when every person feels the issue of broken windows. This thing affects the overall look of the house because a broken window does not look good to anyone. Besides affecting the look of the whole house, this also needs a quick check to avoid the entrance of any insect, dirt, or the adverse weather conditions. As you know, you are not able to make it repair on the spot because most of the time you cannot find any repairman immediately. So in this way you can do yourself. What you can only do at this time is to take the precautions.

Here are some of the simple steps or solutions for a broken window. These solutions are instant and are necessary for making a broken window secure.

Analyze the window

First of all, put on the gloves so that the mirror of the window do not do any harm. Then analyze the window and check if it is broken or there is just only cracks. If you find that there are only cracks and the glass is not broken at all then by pressing the glass to make it sure that it will not fall out.

As it is obvious that when a window glass breaks it breaks into shards. So it’s better for you not to run so fast. Have some time to ponder on it then get started. The very first thing you have to go with is to eliminate the broken glass shards. This is so to avoid any kind of danger. Moreover, use the tape for picking up the shards.

Use tape in the cracked area

If the window is cracked, then your second step should be to use tape. Place the tape on the cracked area of the window. The tape should be paste on the both sides of a cracked window so that it avoids rain or strong wind to come in. This is another solution for this issue to avoid any bad circumstances.

Nail polish- another effective solution

Do you know that the nail polish can be a good solution for the small holes appearing in the cracked window area? Yes, it can do a great job. On the missing pieces of the window glass apply the nail polish and fill the holes. Wait for the nail polish to dry. Keep applying it in the holes until they are filled.


Moreover, if you see that the big pieces of glass are missing in the broken window and you cannot apply any tape or nail polish here then here you need to have a thick covering.

Plastic covering

When you see that the area needs a thick covering then it must be of plastic. In this way the things you require are:

  • Thick plastic sheets
  • Gloves
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Nail polish
  • Staple gun

Wood can be used for covering

We can also use a piece of wood for covering a broken window pane. But this should be noted that the wood can be used only when the broken window has large open areas. For this purpose, place the piece of wood in the broken area of the window and frame it around the window.

When pursuing the solutions for a broken window, you should try the above-mentioned steps. These will be a great help for you. If you still didn’t able to fix the window by yourself then you may need to contact professional Replacement windows Michigan contractors for assistance.