How to Remove Vinyl Siding?

Last Updated on March 23, 2022 by Kravelv

Vinyl siding is popular for its potency and durability and less requirement of maintenance, but it does not mean that it would never crack or splinter. Every kind of material whether it is cedar or vinyl cracks after a certain period of being used. Vinyl serves for ten to fifteen year but then it expires leading us to remove it. The cost of replacing vinyl siding would take about $30,000. There are different companies who offer guidance and help in removal of vinyl siding. If you are planning to do it by yourself so here is a list of complete steps that you can follow in your project.

Purchase Materials and Tools

  1. Ladder for reaching siding
  2. Pincer Pliers of Carpenter
  3. Zip tool (Vinyl removing tool)
  4. Claw hammer for hitting

1st Step:

You can see 12-foot panels of vinyl siding attached with interlock strip-and-lip channel structure. There is a strip that you can found at the top of the vinyl panel which is nailed to the house wall and bottom of the panel. This strip locks on the panel on the below side. You have to unlock every piece of the vinyl panel in an efficient way with the help of zipping tool. The process of removing each panel would include working on one panel at a time with unzipping and removing the nails.

2nd Step:

You have to be careful at every step for the start as a single mistake can bring harm to your own life. Position the ladder on the opposite side of the corner on the top and climb the top by using it. Work on the end of the 1st panel and put strength on the zip tool for hooking it under the lip of vinyl siding. The lip of siding does not appear on the top as it is on the opposite side but you would feel while working on it.

3rd Step:

You have to make sure that the vinyl removing tool latch on the lip of siding. Now you have to unlock the lip and for that start pulling siding piece on the downside and start sliding the zip tool in a horizontal direction across the entire vinyl panel. Here you have to be sure that your work does not get more than the length. Reposition of the ladder would be required during this process of losing the panel. The nailing strip will expose at the end of this process which means you have to take another next step.

4th Step:

Use the end of a claw hammer to unzip the 1st panel and start to pry off all the nails that you can see at the top side of the strip. Unlock the nails and then remove them one by one. Do not work on all the nails in one step Use carpenter’s pincer pliers for removing the stubborn nails on the panel.

5th Step:

Pull the siding piece straight downward and out and unlock the piece of siding. Now you have to free the channel for the panel so bend it in a careful manner. You have to work on each panel but a single panel each time in a top-down direction. Now unzip and remove the nails by getting all the nails down.

6th Step:

The sixth stage depicts that you have removed the vinyl siding and now you have to make sure that the all the unnecessary external is organized appropriately. Rent a dumpster in case you are working on the whole house. Dispose of the old vinyl siding. The next part is to ensure that your vinyl siding is not exposed to any kind of moisture damage. Take precautions for maintaining the safety of your siding. If you are still facing problems while removing vinyl siding then you may need to contact professional Siding contractors in Grosse ile Michigan for assistance.