How to Save Time and Money with the Blue Rain Window Cleaning Method


Homeowners are spending hundreds of dollars each year on window cleaning products and services, and yet many are unsatisfied with the cleaning process.

Even the best cleaning products leave windows with streaks and dirt marks during the next rainfall. Many companies have invested a significant amount of time and money investigating this issue without resolution.

Luckily, the team at Clera Windows have devised one of the best ways to clean windows and keep them clean and streak free for as long as six months!

The Clera Windows and Doors Blue Rain method is a window cleaning technique that combines Blue Dawn dishwashing fluid with the Rain-X window cleaning product to ensure a streak free appeal to home windows.

Step 1 : Apply the Blue Dawn to the window from a spray bottle filled with warm water.

Step 2 : Apply original Rain-X to the outside window areas as a rain repellent.

Step 3 : Spray Rain-X 2-in-1 on indoor windows to act as a repellent inside the home. This versatile cleaning combination supports exceptional window appeal over many months.

By following the Blue Rain window cleaning method, homeowners can save hundreds of dollars and many hours of time on home cleaning! It’s a simple process that will result in the cleanest possible home windows!

To learn more on the Blue Rain window cleaning method and how to achieve streak-free, clean windows in your home, here is an infographic that details the entire process.

The Best Way to Clean Windows the Blue Rain Window Cleaning Method


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