Cedar vs. Vinyl Siding

Last Updated on March 23, 2022 by Kravelv

Choosing the appropriate siding material is a challenging task as you may like one material but there are more advantages of using the other one. Cedar siding is very famous among house owners because of its superiority, but Vinyl siding is more versatile. The time you are going to buy any type of siding, you must consider all the weak and strong points of both of the products so you can make a good choice.

Cedar Siding

The ability to resist insects and good insulation makes cedar better than any other option. There are different styles of cedar available in the market. Sanded and rough forms of cedar are easily accessible in the stores. Cedar also absorbs the sounds in a very well manner but there is a requirement of coating cedar siding with the protective coat of paint so it would not damage in rainy seasons. Painting twice a year is very important for cedar siding. The option of a variety of looks can only be seen in cedar. The traditional type of siding looks very beautiful in homes. All the inhabitant of an outer region of urban side likes to have cedar siding despite the factor of maintenance.

Cost of Siding

The cost of cedar would surprise you whether the manufacturer charges the actual money or not. The cost of cedar is lower than vinyl which forces house owners to prefer cedar over vinyl. The cost of one square foot cedar would only cost $2.50 and the overall cost of transportation would reach to the total cost of $ 4. Your investment on cedar siding would not end here. You also must consider the cost of water repellent and paint for a protection of cedar. Installation cost also reaches to a higher amount. However, if you are going to work on the project without anyone else’s helped then you would be able to save money.

Vinyl Siding

The less time of installing vinyl and durability of vinyl highlights the difference of vinyl from cedar. It absorbs heat and there is less chance of fading in the sunlight.

The need of maintenance of vinyl cedar is lower than cedar siding. It does not dent or breaks off as it is installed in the style of segments. The replacement would only take simple pop off of segments. The number of different colors and versatile texture looks very beautiful in the form of siding. The only problem with vinyl is painting vinyl because it does not prove very good.

Cost of Vinyl

Vinyl siding resembles with the cedar siding. The normal cost of vinyl is $2 but high-end vinyl siding is more expensive than $2. At this level, the cost of paint is not added in the budget which means that paint would give you a lot of expense. Other costs include the cost of official installation workmen. Based on the value of maintenance and primary cost of vinyl siding proves that it is much cheap than cedar vinyl.


The option of frequent renovation and refinishing would let you move towards vinyl siding. The cheaper option of vinyl would surely drag towards vinyl but there is no doubt that cedar lovers who admire beauty despite the cost and maintenance would go for cedar siding. People who stay busy in their daily life and hectic schedule would more incline towards vinyl because of less requirement of maintaining it on a regular basis. If you have enough earning and saving for extra expenses of maintaining siding then cedar is the best option for you. Everything depends on your choice so choose the option that suits your budget. If you are still facing problems while deciding between cedar and vinyl siding then you may need to contact professional Siding contractors downriver Michigan for assistance.