What Are Modern Window Coverings?

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Kravelv

Window coverings are an essential element of any space. These specialized embellishments help prevent light entry, promote privacy, and improve the beauty of a window. They’re also important in-home insulation on colder days or trapping cold air during hot days.

rollup window blinds

Modern window coverings are available in different materials and opacity levels. Besides, they vary in usability and installation. Drapes, curtains, and blinds are some of the popular window coverings.  

We’re going to provide some information on the modern window coverings to help you make the best choice.

Blinds and Shades

Since these two appear similar, they’re often lumped together. Usually, blinds and shades are installed on or slightly above the frame. These window coverings are rolled down to enhance the privacy of a room. However, blinds and shades are distinct from curtains and drapes.

Shades are made of soft fabric, while blinds feature tough interconnected slats. The slats are responsible for controlling the amount of light entering a room. Blind and shades take on a similar pull-cord mechanism.

It’s important to note that most shades are solid panels which you can’t control to let in varying degrees of light. On the other hand, blinds are slatted panels, so manipulating them to let in some or more light is possible.

Curtain and Drapes

Curtain and drapes are made of soft fabrics. They hang over curtain rods installed on or slightly above the window frame. Curtain or drapes feature two panels that slide with ease along the rod. You can slide them away from the center to allow light entry. To enhance the privacy of your room, you should push them together toward the center.  

Since curtains and drapes are made of fabrics that vary markedly, they come in different lengths, opacities, and designs. People who don’t mind too much about their privacy should consider curtains featuring high-quality designs.  However, if your privacy is a huge concern, blackout curtains will shield off all the sunlight.


Valances, blinds, and shades can be used together. Valances hang over the curtain rods installed above the window frame.  They help hide the blinds or shades’ headrails. Besides, they help enhance the window’s beauty. Usually, they feature beautiful patterns, making them an excellent window embellishment.

Because they’re short, raising, lowering, or sliding them is an exercise in futility. Valances’ main purpose is to decorate the window. However, that’s not to say that valances cannot help to block sunlight sometimes. Since valances lack coverage, they often work together with blinds and shades.

Depending on your needs, you should choose the best valance that suits your top-quality designed blinds and shades.


Everyone has their tastes and preferences. Therefore, what works for me may fail to work for another. That’s why it’s important to learn more about modern window treatments to understand what suits your windows.

Whether you’re a private person or not, there are different types of window treatments available. Window treatments will help you to block some or more light. However, there are some which add beauty to your windows, enabling you to showcase your style. Contact us today to make inquiries on the best window treatment.

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