Simple tweaks that can make your bedroom so dreamy you won’t even want to fall asleep

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The bedroom is not just a room in the house; it is THE room where most people want to relax, read a good book, and spend quality time with their loved ones. But then again, not any space is comfortable. It is important to invest in quality items and smart accessories that appeal to our senses and make us feel rejuvenated. Believe it or not, proper design matters in a home, and the best ideas don’t necessarily cost a fortune. Check out the following guidelines and transform your bedroom into the classiest and most inviting room of the house.

Pick a theme

Themed bedrooms are the best because they don’t just convey style; they’re comfortable, pleasurable and extremely relaxing too. A lot of people don’t invest in décor, and that’s the main reason they don’t like to spend time in their bedrooms. An adequate theme changes the general vibe of a room; pastel hues, stripes and geometric patterns add movement and create the most inviting effect. Cottage-like bedrooms with vintage-inspired accessories are in trend this season. Create a streamlined but funky space with horizontal stripes and make your space feel warm and inviting.

simple bedroom tweaks

Comfortable rugs

Rugs are fundamental in any home. However, for your bedroom you can pick jut any rug. Make a sensible choice and invest in quality. There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning and stepping on a cold floor or rugged carpet. The best type of rug should be manufactured from the softest fabrics. Shaggy or plush varieties are the best; they’ll extremely pleasant for the feet, not to mention that they fill up an empty room making it look more compact and modern.

Throw pillows

Throw pillows are accessories that should be present in any room. However, before adding too many on the bed, you should mix and match to complement the décor. Opt for the most interesting models and add balance by selecting pillows in different sizes. The gradual effect created will fill up your bedroom, making the sleeping bed become the focal point of the room.

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Sitting place

Rather than put a desk by the window, why not add a sitting place? A nice sofa by the window complemented by a nice coffee table is a great addition for a reading nook. Make your nook the focal point of the room and spice it up with colorful pillows and covers, seasonal flowers on the coffee table, and a striped sofa. Sunday reading sessions have just become more interesting!

No technology in plain sight

A lot of people have huge flat-screen TVs and computers in their bedroom, as well as tablets and iPads that they bring to bed and place on the nightstand. We’re not saying technology is bad, however it is wise to focus your attention on the actual sleeping activity. Don’t let the TV distract you and let the bedroom be the perfect environment for resting. It’s tough to disconnect yourself at the end of the day; but if you want your body to relax, you have to do it. Use your beautifully designed bedroom to clear your head. If you can’t sleep, meditate, do yoga or just read a book.

simple bedroom tweaks2

Dreamy nightstands

Nightstands are fundamental in any bedroom. They usually hold a lamp, flower vase, phone, book and other accessories. However, because you don’t want yours to be cluttered, invest in a nightstand with drawers. Give your bedroom a touch of glam and choose vintage-like variants with interesting knobs and unusual shapes. If you want to make your space seem bigger and wider, you might want to consider buying nightstands with a mirroring effect. Place another mirror above the bed and your sleeping place will seem a lot bigger and more spacious.

There are so many things you can to your bedroom to make it appropriate for sheer relation too, and not just sleeping. Comfortable rugs, quality linens, fresh accessories and a reading nook are just a few ideas you can include. Whatever you do, just make sure to have a dominant color; select a hue that is welcoming. This season, the main focus is on pastels. Select a darker nuance for the shades to block unwanted sunlight and transform your sleeping place into the most rejuvenated room of the house.

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