Top 9 Reasons Why You Hate Your Bedroom


What basically comes into your mind when we talk about our bedroom? Perhaps, the first thing that we can think about is a good and satisfying rest, right? However, if you have a huge pile of clothing on your bed, a closet that is stuffed with junk, or even a room that looks as if an elephant has clambered through it, how can you achieve the comfort that you want? And whether you like it or not, a messy room would also mean having a disorganized mind.

And yes, cleaning a room requires your determination to and a methodical approach to picking up the pieces that are scattered all over the place. But let’s admit! Cleaning up our room can sometimes be annoying and challenging on our part, considering that we still have a lot of things that we need to work on. As a result, we tend to hate our room even if we are living in a good home such as a condo in Taguig.

It’s a mess

A cluttered room is one of the common reasons why we don’t feel satisfied resting in our room. Perhaps, you have this habit to put things anywhere every time you change your clothes, or even hang your used clothes on the table or chair. Mind you, these things are going to pile up when you don’t pick and put them in their proper places immediately.

 Uncomfortable Bed

A comfortable bedroom and peaceful sleep are all we desire. It turns into bizarre when sleep is not as peaceful and comforting because of your old bedding. Older mattresses cause back pain, hygiene issues, skin allergies, and ultimately result in poor sleep. Poor quality of sleep does not only affect your productivity, but eventually, it leads to serious health consequences such as weight gain, heart disease, and a weak immune system. If you feel tired and grumpy the next morning then this is the right time to check your mattress age and quality. If your mattress is older than 10 years then you should think about buying a new mattress. At the same time, do a  quick research online and compare some quality mattresses such as It helps you to make the right choice. To make your bed comfortable, a good quality mattress, and a clean bed sheet that’s all you need.

It’s too dark

messy bedroom1

For some people, they prefer to have a dark room when sleeping. Of course, that applies when it’s actual sleeping time. Obviously, you are not just going to sleep in your room, there are a lot of activities you can do that requires good lighting. However, when you don’t have the right and proper lighting in your room, this can damage your eyes.

The room is out of scale

The arrangement of your room matters the most. When you have a large room, it would be lousy to look at when you have nothing but a bed, nightstand, and a lamp. Moreover, it would definitely be crowded when you have a lot of furniture when you have small space in your room. That means you have to value balance when decorating or arranging your room.

There’s no personality

Whether you realize it or not, your bedroom also reflects of what and who you are. Even minimalist people have their own personal touch to their room. Perhaps, you can add some photos, treasured artwork or collectibles and other decorations that can add accent to your entire room. Without incorporating your personality into your room, your space will most likely have a cold, sterile that isn’t welcoming or relaxing.

You’re bringing work into the bedroom

Yes, we all understand that work can sometimes be demanding especially when we have deadlines to beat up. However, do you know that it is not advisable for you to bring your work at home? If you want a work-life balance, then you should observe limitations and the boundaries between your work and life. Mind you, bringing your work at home can add stress instead of a good rest.

Everything matches

Matching everything in your room – from the furniture to your bed sheets is undeniably gorgeous. However, when you tend to match all of the things, this might become monotonous and boring. One of the many ways to find your room interesting and fun is to have some contrast when it comes to the designs of it.

Nothing matches

Just because your room needs some contrasts, that doesn’t mean that you will have a room where everything sings its own tune is cacophony. Obviously, you have to make sure that everything in your room will also look good on it. When arranging, you still need to think about the commonality between the furniture and other things in your room.

messy bedroom

Artwork is out of scale

This is also one of the most common mistakes most people tend to do. If you have a smaller room, you should at least have an artwork with the right size that would fit perfectly in the room – not too big and not too small. And of course, if you have a large room, you should also have a bigger artwork that would complement the space provided.

Generally, you don’t need to hate your room just because it is messy and uncomfortable for you to have a good and relaxing break. Conquering these things would make you realize that there will always be a great feeling when you have an organized room.


Author Bio:

Janice is a twenty something who loves to write. She likes to travel around the world to meet new people and gain new experiences. She is currently a copywriter for Amaia Land– newest economic housing arm.

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