Tips and Remedies For Cleaning A Blocked Drain

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Most residential or business complexes face the trouble of blocked drains at one time or another. There are multiple reasons why a drain can be blocked and if you are aware of these, there is a possibility of unclogging them on your own. There are several tips and remedies that you can get from your kitchen, like using soda, lemon and water to clean the blocked drains, but if the problem persists, then you need to hire a professional to clean the sewage and the drains.

Some factors that can cause drain blockage

  • Leaves and Trees

If you are surrounded by trees there is every possibility of the leaves falling into the drainage area and blocking it. You can think of cleaning the area on a regular basis to avoid facing this problem.

  • Hair

The issue of hair blocking your drain is often ignored. If you can clean up the drain every time you spot hair on this, you are free of uncalled for tensions.

  • Fat and Grease

A fatty substance being washed in the sink tends to stick in the insides of the pipes and causes the blockage. This is one of the most common causes and can easily be avoided.

House cleaning tips - Block drain Cleaning

  • Foreign objects

Choked drains are also due to foreign objects being flushed down.  These tend to hinder the flow of water, eventually causing a major blockage.

Home Remedies for blocked drains

A sink or a shower being clogged can be rectified with the help of a toilet plunger. All that is required is filling your sink till it is almost full and start plunging, that is, after ensuring the plunger has water, this is helpful for the water to put energy into the plunging. This should take around 30 to 35 seconds. Keep a watch on the flow of water, if you feel this is slow you can add more water and plunge for a longer time. If you feel that this is not working you can try a drain snake, this is more helpful if the drain is clogged due to a build-up which is gunk and hair.  Surprisingly, a soda like Pepsi or a coke works ideally for blocked drains and there is no harm in trying this out or you can try out a combination of Baking Soda + Vinegar, Baking Soda + Salt or even Washing Soda, Soda Crystals or Sal Soda.

Calling the Professionals for help

If all of the above does not seem to help it can be termed as an ‘emergency’ and that is when you need to call for professional help. Listing the number of a well reputed, experienced professional before an emergency of this kind arises is a wise decision. The professional, since they have the required knowledge of drains can unblock the same in a short time. Besides being able to unblock the clogged drain the professionals will clean your drain so that you do not face this problem frequently.

House cleaning tips - Cleaning Block Drain

Choosing professional plumbing agencies can be of great help, as you can get emergency services from them, which in the long run, can help you to maintain your drain properly. Equipment like drain remover, emergency shut off wrench, locating devices, high pressure water jetting is available with the professionals due to which this job is like a cake walk for them. Make sure you do your research well by either asking around or searching online for well reputed and experienced professionals. It is better to hire the professionals from the online portals after comparing the price ranges and getting the price quotations from the web portals.

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