Adding Style to the Bedroom


Has the old bedroom been stale for long enough? What has changed ever since you moved in? There is the same carpet which you clean every now and then, the same bed with the same sheets you have been using, and the same dresser, end table and night lamp. This sounds like a pretty mediocre room, does it not? Sure, you added a poster or two so that you do not have bare walls, but all you get from that is a mediocre room with a poster. It is indeed time for you to work on that and put some style to your bedroom. This is the place where you rest and relax, and how can you rest or relax when you are surrounded by such an unchanging atmosphere.

Adding style does not simply mean to open your browser and Google search ‘style’ by which you will only get other people’s ideas of a stylish room. You are the one that needs to pick your own style, and if you are having trouble with that, then all you need is to stir your imagination for ideas. And ideas are abundant in any person’s mind. Here are some nudges that might help with that.

Adding Style to the Bedroom1 First of all, you can start by choosing an overall color for the bedroom. The standard white is all fine and well, and it might serve as a neutral color for when you have company so that you do not oppress others with your choice of colors, but this is your own personal room, and you should personalize it as much as you would. Vibrant colors are for energy, so if you like feeling energetic, or creating an energetic scene, then pick a vibrant color. If you would rather have a much more melancholic bedroom, then the darker shades are just for you. You can entertain yourself with patterns as well, or if you are feeling artistic and capable enough, paint something on yourself.

Adding Style to the Bedroom2

After painting, you can wait for everything to dry out and proceed with the more important part – cleaning. By cleaning you will make yourself a clean slate, a blank page, if you will, to create your new bedroom upon. If you do not have the time for that, get a cleaning agency around – have the cleaning professionals do a quick job so that you do not have to waste time on that and can focus only on the renewal. And do not forget about carpet cleaning! The page needs to be blank from the ground up.

Adding Style to the Bedroom3

And this is where your ideas need to start pouring in. You should think about how you would like your room to look like. Do you want it to be practical? How about aesthetically pleasing? Do you want it with a focus point? Move the bed to a corner to free up more space. Add a desk to make the bedroom part study. Add more art around the place so that you have some sources of inspiration. The possibilities are numerous.

Yes, you may Google search for styles, but only to get your own ideas, and never to copy. What is the point to live in somebody else’s bedroom after all? Make the room your own space, and enjoy it as a creation of your own. Read more house cleaning tips at:

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