10 Home Renovation Hacks That Will Make Your Life Unbelievably Easy

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Gone are the times when home renovations were a splendid luxury for those with big money. Fortunately, we live in times when renovating home need not be hard on your pockets as there are a few DIY home renovations hacks that help.

In this article, we will mention the 10 most effective home renovation hacks that will make your living easy and comfortable. Read further to know more.

  1. Magnets as a Medicine Cabinet Organizer

All you need to do is buy a magnetic strip (usually costs less than $10) and mount the strip on the inside of the medicine cabinet door. On the strip you can fuse tweezers, bobby pins, and other essential tools. Doing this will help in saving a lot of time in searching for these tools when you need them.

  1. Storage for Stuffed Animals

If you have kids in your house, this particular hack will interest you. Use a few strips of Velcro and attach half of each strip to the back of lightweight stuffed teddy bears and the other half of the strip on the wall. That way, you keep these stuffed animals off the floor.
stuffed animal renovation

  1. Pegboards

Pegboards will come in handy to display your precious necklaces, scarves and belts. Besides, you can even hang a mirror on the pegboard so you can look at yourself before leaving. It is a good idea to hang the pegboard on the inside of your closet door where you can clearly see your collection of accessories.

  1. Have a DIY memo board

We can be forgetful sometimes, and, therefore, in order to avoid missing out few vital errands have a DIY memo board. You can opt for a scrap of fabric or wallpaper and hang it somewhere you won’t miss. Use a dry-erase marker to put down the list of errands on the glass.

  1. Lose-Supplies Storage

You need mason jars for this particular hack. Fill the jars with nails, buttons, and other small supplies. Attach the lid of each jar to the underside of the shelf. You get an amazing storage without wasting any shelf space.

  1. Shoe Boxes

Think twice before discarding those shoe boxes in the bin. Why throw them when you can customize them as per your requirements and tuck them in drawers to use them as dividers. Cut the boxes in sizes as required and fit them into the drawers!

shoe box

     7. Bedroom Renovation

It is a good idea to paint the feature wall in a light color that calms the mind. Blue or light green are also good options as they help to sleep well. If you don’t want any clutter on your bedside tables, then have a shelf just above your bed. Make sure there are no cupboard doors attached with the shelf.

  1. Living Room Renovation

Most of us fancy more storage in our living rooms. You don’t need a handyman to improve the storage of the room. All you need is a giant wooden box and use it as a coffee table. If you already have a coffee table, add a few sides and a door to the table as that will assist in storing things without going through any hassles.

  1. Bathroom Storage

For bathroom renovations, begin the process by drawing up a floor plan of your bathroom and come up with creative ways to create more space in the bathroom. For instance, opt for a pedestal sink or a sink with no vanity cupboards beneath as it will help you create more floor space. Besides, it also eliminates the need of renovating the entire plumbing system for the bathroom.

  1. Laundry Renovation

Some of us use the spare space of our kitchen or bathroom to stack the washer and dryer. However, it is advisable to use the cupboard under the stairs or any other cupboard to keep your laundry appliances away from regular views. This renovation is amazing, especially for those who live in small apartments.

laundry renovation

Home Renovation Hacks!

One of the biggest jobs for any home renovation is roof repairing and roof replacement. But, of course, these jobs require training and proper equipments before they are carried out. Therefore, it is advisable to hire residential roofing contractors to get the job done professionally. Ensure that your roofing contractor is experienced and are still not ironing out kinks in their practices.

Hopefully, the mentioned hacks will help you plan out your home renovations and make your life a little less complicated than usual.


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