Pleasing Pastel Colors For Home Decor

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

If you have long been choosing bold shades to add glam to your living space, it’s time to change! Indeed, bright and bold shades were in trend and managed to turn heads, but, in recent days, soft, pastel shades have made their stand. The walls, furniture, and decor adorned in pastel shades offer a touch of refreshment while soothing the eyes and relaxing the mind. Moreover, you can seamlessly mix pastel colors with any bold shade to balance and bring positivity to your living space. Besides, the furniture embellished in pastels is no less. 

pastel colored sofa

So, if you want to make a lasting impression with pastel shades in a place you dwell, we have some great schemes for you that will let you make a statement. Continue reading ahead!

Colors include mint green and steel blue.

Opening your hearts to minty greens and steel blue tints is an excellent choice if you have never tried pastel colors in your space. These colors are refreshing and soft and work incredibly well for homes with low natural light. You can adorn your walls in such shades and opt for good home furniture in bright and poppy colors to create a perfect mix. These tints offer the simplest tones to your walls while making the space look wider and bigger. 

You can choose to paint the entire room in such pastel shades or opt for just an accent to add the right amount of energy and vibrancy to your place. 

Soft pink

You don’t have to worry about pink shades being female-oriented anymore. Soft pink pastel colors work best to add romantic vibes to your home. You can mix and match this shade with a hint of blue, yellow, or green to create a comfortable and relaxing setting. Pastel pinks are best suited for your bedroom, which can be complemented with head-turning home decor, while the head turning decor is indeed cost effective. While pink was always considered the most sought-after shade for kids’ bedrooms, it is no longer true. Pink is a modern go-to shade that is very suitable for any room. With a playful pink wall, you can try out different textures and tones to change the vibrancy of your room. Moreover, pinks are widely matched with neutral hues to keep the look appealing yet minimalistic. 

Lavender in your living room

If you think there are a few options for pastels in the living room, then let us clarify that a lavender pastel color makes an appropriate choice for the same. Go bold and iconic with a lavender hue in your living room that adds a touch of sophistication and modernization. This cozy color will redefine the beauty of your room while delivering a stunning look. What’s more? You can think of teaming a pastel lavender color with either white or a bold lavender hue to work wonders without being over the top.

Mossy green in kitchen walls and cabinets

For those who think the options are limited with pastel, we want you to think about playing around with moss green shades in your kitchen and its decor. Pastel colors such as moss green work incredibly well in kitchens. They flawlessly brighten up the space to turn the dullest room into a popping one. So, bring your kitchen to life and uplift your mood by adding moss green tiles. Also, you can play a trick with the same on the shelves and cabinets to give them a new and fresh life. Shades of green, such as sea green, with monotone walls, are best for the kitchen, adding a sublime backdrop. 

Pastel wallpaper and partially pastel walls

You don’t necessarily have to paint all your walls in pastel shades. For a small setting or smaller spaces, partial pastel settings work the best. You can apply dual shades in your precious little space to make it look bright and cheerful. Furthermore, pastel-colored wallpapers can also change the game. You can go for a pretty peach-colored wallpaper with a minimal design on it. Wallpaper, as such, can be applied to a single wall while keeping the rest of the walls in monotone to add a breezy yet inviting vibe to your small yet special space.

Soft pastel furniture

If your kitchen’s cabinets and shelves can be painted in pastels, then why leave them behind? Well, yes, you heard it right! You can add life to your furniture and make it stand out from old and boring woody shades. Soft shades of green and blue can ardently transform your furniture while making your space look lively and soothing. If you get plenty of natural light in your living room, opting for furniture shades like sea green or soft turquoise blue can be a great inspiration. Pastel-colored furniture also goes well with plain white or ivory walls and adds a laid-back and relaxing vibe to your room. However, if you are still hesitant, consider over-boarding bright and bold cushions on the couch.

Bathroom in pastel colors

Give a makeover to your bathroom by incorporating shades of pastel blue. If you are also planning to remodel your bathroom, nothing can work better than a pastel blue to brighten up the room. A combination of white bathroom fittings with pastel blue tiles is an impressive choice. This classic combination blends well with the essence of the bathroom and gives a pleasing look.

Mild furnishings

If you are worried about your home furnishing with pastel walls, then investing in soft, pastel colors can create the right balance. However, the trick of using soft, pastel shades for the furnishings calls for the perfect blend of colors. Therefore, shades of pastels and neutrals make the best recommendations. So, freshen up your bed with a pink or peach-colored cushion set along with a complimenting neutral bedspread to offer more elegance. 

Added Extras

Accessories cannot be missed when talking about a perfect house setting. Decorating your pastel walls with the right kind of accessories can make a big difference. You can use a nice piece of pastel-colored furniture or maybe a dreamcatcher to transform the look of your room in minutes. The best thing about using pastels is that they tag along well with neutral, bold, and shite shades. Therefore, you can unhesitantly go for neutral and white accessories to offer charming appeal. 

In conclusion

If you are done and dusted with the same old and boring set of colors in your living space, it is time to make a change. So, think about adding pastel shades with a blend of neutral and whites to create a modern statement. The above-given examples are a must if you are new to experimenting with pastel shades. Therefore, please make the most of them to renew and brighten up the place where you dwell.

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