Space, Color, and Light: How Your Windows Affect Your Home’s Interior

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It can be subtle or it can be plain as day, but your windows have a large effect on how you perceive and interact with your home’s interior. This is why it pays to be mindful of your window choices. By understanding how a replacement window can affect your home’s interior, you’ll be better equipped to choose the right one for you. So how do windows affect home interiors? Consider the following:

Natural Lighting

Windows are the primary source of natural lighting for rooms in homes, which means that the window you choose will determine whether or not you’ll successfully harness daylighting. Keep in mind that rooms facing north typically receive the least amount of natural sunlight. To brighten up rooms facing in this direction then, installing larger windows can increase the amount of illumination.  On the other hand, east- and south-facing rooms receive a lot of sunlight during the day so more standard-sized windows will do in these areas.

How Your Windows Affect Your Home Interior1

Color and Mood

The colors in a room can have an effect on your mood, and the amount of light a window lets in affects that directly. For instance, a room that’s too dark can make you start feeling gloomy or depressed. Using windows that let in more light makes bright colors pop more, alleviating this.  If a room is too bright, however, it can create feelings of stress. In this case, muting the colors in the room can ease the stressful environment, which could be done by using smaller windows to limit light streaming in. Tight spaces can also feel oppressive and cramped but this could be remedied by a bay or bow window that helps create a sense of space in the room and actually extend floor space.

How Your Windows Affect Your Home Interior2

The Illusion of Space

Bay and bow windows are known for their ability to create a sense of space in a room, but other window types can have a similar effect.  Large picture windows not only frame the view of the outside, but in capturing the view of the what’s outside the home, they can create a sense of openness, of the house extending past its walls, especially if used in groups.  Large rooms with high ceilings can also be made to feel even more expansive with multi-story windows.  Small, gloomy rooms can be made to feel lighter and more airy by using windows with sills closer to the floor, resulting in a larger view and more sunlight entering the room.

How Your Windows Affect Your Home Interior3

Matching Window to Room

Other window qualities also directly affect the rooms they’re installed in.  Transparent windows, for example, aren’t the best sort to install outside a bathroom. For more privacy, translucent or tinted windows make better choices. If you’re not an early riser, be mindful of installing large windows in your bedroom, especially if it is facing east, to limit brightness in the room.


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