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How To Organize Your Home Quickly After A Big Move

For many people, it can take several weeks or months to prepare for a move when relocating to a new home. You have to clean your house, pack up literally everything you own and send it on the road. That is definitely not something that can be done in the blink of an eye! Then, after moving into a new house, unpacking can also take a significant amount of time with the dozens of boxes that are unopened. To ensure that you transition into your new home quickly, there are a few important steps to take to get organized in a short period of time.

Hire a Professional Moving Company to Help

You’ll be able to unload your home quickly and put everything in its place by hiring a moving company like Bekins Van Lines Inc to do all of the dirty work. You can begin unpacking the minute you step into your new home as the movers unload each box and put the furniture where it belongs to ensure that you can get a head start. It is also a good idea to label all of your boxes by room so that the movers know where to put them. That can definitely help make their job a lot easier as well as your own. This is especially essential for bigger and heavier objects that you aren’t going to want to move by yourself later on.

Work on One Room at a Time

It can be easy to spend too much time organizing your new home after moving in if you work on each area of the property a little at a time. Instead, make it a point to lock yourself into each room and get it in order before leaving again to get more done quickly. That way you can kind of clear your mind a little bit knowing that at least one room is done. Also, according to, you should start as soon as possible instead of lounging around after you move in.

Set a Timer as You Work

You can work at a faster pace by setting a timer to give yourself a certain amount of time to get each area of the home organized. Make a list of each room that you want to tackle each day to ensure that you stay focused and avoid distractions as you work to beat the clock and avoid delays.

Get the Essentials Unpacked and Organized First

According to, it’s important to unpack the essentials first to have what you need on hand as you work on organizing the space. This will allow you to wash your hands with soap or make yourself a cup of coffee without digging around for things as you go.

After a big move, you may feel like relaxing and taking a nap due to the extensive amount of work that you just completed. By staying focused and moving on to organizing the space, you can have peace of mind knowing that you can settle into your house sooner and have a new place to call home.

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