Top 20 Tips For Moving House Smoothly

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Moving and shifting houses is a big job. Lots of factors needed to be taken care of, how to pack, what to pack, what not to pack. These things give a big headache. Not everyone can perform this art of moving and packing with utmost efficiency. It is one of those things that requires enormous amount of patience and dedication also. Constructing the outer portion of the house is much easier than moving, packing and arranging the interior stuffs. If you pack chaotically then it can create an even bigger problem. These things should be done with utmost care, patience and perseverance. The slightest mistake or carelessness can result in drastic outcomes. Therefore one should always be careful while doing this task.

Here are some dos and don’ts that will help you pack and move your house in a better way.

1. Plan these things like what to pack, what not to pack, how to pack etc from the day you decide to shift or move to a new house.

2. Start packing all small and supplementary things from an early stage, like start packing your paintings, showpieces, few clothes and decorative at least a week ago.

3. Give away the less used thing as a charity to someone who needs it more, this will reduce the confusion of what to take and what not to take and added to it things will not be wasted.

4. Make it sure to pack an immediate bag for yourself and also for other family members that would contain some clothes, toiletries, toys for kids, phone charger, laptops etc.

5. Slowly move on to the crockery. Bind them well in double wall cardboard boxes.

6. Use bubble wraps or foam wraps and packing peanuts to pack dishes made up of fine china.

tips to moving smoothly - bubblewrap

7. First finish the packing of one room and then go to the other. This way you do not get confused and packing becomes easier.

8. Do not forget to label you boxes; this helps you to know what is kept where.

9. Never use duct tape for taping boxes. Use a ‘PACKING’ tape.

10. Make sure to pack heavy things in small boxes. Like you can use Book wrap boxes to avoid getting the package heavy.

11. Pack lighter items such as bed cushions etc in larger boxes.

12. You do not need to pack your drawers separately. Just wrap them with newspapers and move.


13. Click the photographs you want to arrange things in the new place where you are moving, this will help you remember what to keep where.

14. For the detachable items like television, foldable furniture, desktops etc, make sure that you take along the screws, nuts and bolts in small boxes and label them.

15. Use waterproof bags for liquid items and then place them inside the boxes.

16. Do not do the mistake of packing important documents like files, certificates, passports etc along with other households, instead keep them in cardboard envelopes with a sign saying ‘do not bend’.

17. Pack a small box full of immediate tools like screws, screw-drivers; nut bolts etc so that you can use them immediately in the new place. Make sure to keep them in such a place where you can get them easily.

18. Be very careful while moving boxes full of breakable items. Label them with “HANDLE WITH CARE” labels.

handle with care

19. Choose a trust worthy moving and packing agency which is quite famous for its efficient work.

20. Check the owner’s manual while dismantling large appliances like refrigerators and washing machines.

21. If you’re moving internationally and need shipping your possessions overseas, make sure to do your research online and find a reliable transport company to move your things. Here are some tips on how to find a reliable transport company.


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