7 Tips for Packing Your Clothes and Accessories While Moving

Last Updated on September 3, 2023 by Kravelv

Packing their clothes and accessories is often the last thing people do when it comes to packing to move house. This part of the process is often left to the last minute. However, moving is not a cakewalk. With a large wardrobe to be moved to a new house along with your everyday and special occasion accessories, it can be pretty difficult to organize everything.

In this post, we will give you 7 top tips for packing your clothes and accessories ready to move house. We will show you the best ways to fold, hang, and pack your stuff, to keep everything well-organized and in good condition.

1. Take a Look at Your Closet

Moving is the best time to decide which clothes you should keep and which ones to discard. You may have plenty of accessories and clothes that need packing, but do you actually use all these items or they are just sitting in your closet? Empty out your closet and take a closer look at your clothes, bags, hats, makeup, and other accessories. It’s important to take a close look at your closet before you begin packing. This gives you a better picture of your wardrobe.

2. Decide Whether to Keep or Donate

Divide your clothes and accessories into three categories: keep, sell, and donate. If the item is in good condition and you plan on using it, keep it. If you haven’t used the item in the past few months and you don’t think you will use it in your new house, then put it aside for donation or sale. This allows you to get rid of unneeded items, meaning you have less than you need to pack!

3. The Right Packing Method

Once you have filtered out the unnecessary clothes and accessories from your wardrobe, the next step is to organize everything ready for packing. Cardboard boxes make a good option for packing your clothes, but if you are looking for better and organized packing supplies, get a short wardrobe, or a few! These boxes are great for clothes that wrinkle easily. You can find these special packing boxes online or at a local home organisation store.

This specialised packing box allows you to hang your delicate and expensive clothes. For everyday dresses and t-shirts you can use simple cardboard boxes. Make sure you fold the clothes properly before organizing them in drawers or cardboard boxes. If you have precious jewelry and other expensive ornaments, wrap them in padding or bubble wrap for the best protection.

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4. Start with Off-Season Clothing

If you are not sure about where to start with the packing, grab all your out of season clothes and jewelry first. There is a good chance you will not wear these clothes for the next few months. So, it is better to pack them ahead of time. Fold these clothes, pack them in a box, and label the carton so you remember what’s inside! This way you will know that you don’t have to unpack the boxes immediately after moving. Packing your off-season clothes in advance will reduce your packing burden closer to moving day.

5. Sort Your Stuff Before Packing

As tempting as it sounds, never put a bunch of clothes and accessories into a big cardboard box. It may save you a bit of time when packing, but you will end up spending more time sorting your stuff and finding your clothes after moving. Instead, sort your clothes and accessories and organize them in separate boxes. For example, all your delicate jewelry and accessories must be packed in one box while the everyday stuff should go in another box.

6. Label Everything

To make things easier, make sure to label each box so that you know where to find your favourite outfits and your precious pieces of jewelry. Labeling is a must if you want to keep your things organized. Not only will it be helpful when unpacking, but a proper label on each box gives movers a better idea of which boxes should be carried with care.

7. Put a Few Clothes Aside

If you are packing your wardrobe ahead of moving day, keep a few clothes aside to wear in the coming days or weeks. Also, be sure to keep a few comfy clothes aside for moving day. You can pack these clothes in a bag or get a separate box to be packed at the last minute. Throw in a towel and underwear for showering as soon as you arrive in your new house. You will not have the energy to start unpacking your clothes straight away after moving in.

Moving house and packing your clothes and accessories doesn’t have to be difficult if you follow the above tips. With some basic knowledge and the right techniques, you can move your clothes to your new house like a pro.

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