Free Your Life: Avoid These 4 Home Organization Mistakes

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Kravelv

There are countless ways to get a chaotic space organized, and you’ll find lots of great ideas in magazines and online. However, not every option is the right one for your home. In fact, there are some very common home organization mistakes that could be holding you back in your own property. Assess your current plan to see if any of these errors are causing you problems.

Relying on Boxes and Bins

Boxes and bins are great for storing those things you really want to keep, but they could be a sad bandage for a larger problem. Quite often, the issue isn’t that you don’t have enough storage. The challenge is actually that you have too much stuff. The solution here is to ruthlessly purge the unwanted, unused items so that you’ll have plenty of space for what matters most. If you have large items that are eating room but you don’t want to get rid of them, then consider getting Scottsdale storage units in your surrounding area. An offsite shed could be the ideal solution for your abundance of camping gear, holiday decorations, sporting gear, and even out-of-season clothes.


Neglecting the Hidden Areas

Many people start the organization process with the kitchen counters, foyer and other visible areas of the home. The problem is that your counters and other open areas usually house the stuff you use on a regular basis. However, there’s no place to keep these important items because the hidden storage is filled with unused stuff. Start by purging cabinets, closets and the junk drawer. As you open up square footage in the enclosed storage areas, you’ll have plenty of space to organize that stuff that’s sitting out on the kitchen counter.

Relying on Memory

Once you’ve gone through the hassle of organizing the pantry into handy bins and containers, you may assume that you will easily remember where everything is. The fact is that you probably won’t. Rather than wasting time trying to remember where you put the baking cups, simply labeling the containers will make accessing your storage more convenient. Not only will it make your life easier, but your family will better assimilate to your new system with the added structure.

Buying More Furniture

More is not always better. While new shelving units and bookcases can certainly give your things a space to call home, filling every wall with furniture is not necessarily the best route to go when seeking a more organized room. Consider donating or throwing away items that no longer serve a purpose other than to take up room and cause disorganization. Your home will look cleaner, and you won’t have to shell out money for new furniture.

When it’s time to get your home organized, start by letting stuff go. You’re more likely to find unwanted and unused items buried in the back of a closet. Once you reclaim this space, you’ll be able to organize the stuff that you truly do need and love. Don’t be afraid to go offsite to store your larger items, and tag those bins for easy access later.

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