What You Need To Know About Full Length Mirrors


You know what they say, “you never get a second chance at a first impression,” and they’re one hundred percent right.  Human beings naturally make assumptions about what they see and that goes for how other people are dressed as well.  Anyone who therefore wants to be thought of as a professional or just look their best must have access to a full length mirror to help them do so easily.

Why Size Is Important

Smaller mirrors of course do have their place.  Some are used for decoration, to see the upper half of your body when washing up like with a vanity mirror, or as travel companion to ensure makeup looks perfect when outside the house.  However, if you want the best results when getting dressed you will need one that is much larger.   A full length mirror will give you the ability to see your entire reflection all at once from head to toe so that you can make sure each part of your outfit looks great  but also works with every other part as well.

You’re Not Limited When It Comes To Choices

Many homeowners assume that because they are larger than other options, they may not have as many choices when shopping for one. Luckily, nothing could be further from the truth.  A full length wall mirror is really ideal if you have enough wall space free in the area you will be getting dressed such as your bedroom.  This isn’t always the case though.

There are many door mounted options that can work just as well when you don’t have any wall space to spare.   Some can even be set to hang over the door so you won’t need any screws or to have to put holes in the door itself.  These are a long time favorite of students and those who are looking for a cheap full length mirror that won’t cost much but that will still look decent and get the job done.

Of course you could also go with a standing full length mirror if you have cluttered walls and don’t like the look of anything on your door.  With a few square feet of floor space you can fit most models and even some extra tall ones too.  The best spot to place one is usually in a spare corner.

Matching Is Easy

For the best looking result once you decide on where you’ll be placing your mirror you should consider what color, material, and style of frame would look best. Normally the easiest way to do this is to look at your other furnishings and choose something that matches.  You could also try and add what your space is lacking.

full length mirror1

No one can look their best without a little help. A full length mirror will give you the help you need and in any place or style you prefer!

For your complete guide to full length along with all other type of mirrors be sure to visit: http://www.mirrorguide.com/ where you’ll find helpful articles on all mirror topics!

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