Keep Walls Clutter-Free With A Standing Mirror

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Kravelv

Mirrors can be used on the wall, on the door, or even stand on their own.   However not everyone has the appropriate wall space for one and while door options may be convenient they aren’t; known for their lavish looks.  A standing mirror is a fabulous choice for the homeowner who is looking for something a little different but that also can work as a highly decorative piece of home décor.

What Are They?

Just as you could guess from their name a free standing mirror is one which has a base or legs that allow it to stand upright on its own.  They come in a variety of styles including the well-known cheval type with its unique four legged structure and ability to tilt the glass to any angle needed. However there are many others to choose from as well including different frame materials like wood or metal and of course colors to match the interior of your home.

What Are They Used For?

Like all mirrors this group is of course used to be able to see your reflection.  Yet it is more specifically utilized for helping you to get dressed properly.  For this reason the majority are full length which allows you to see your entire reflection and therefore whole outfit all at once.  A full length standing mirror is really the best choice as opposed to smaller sizes since it has this advantage and doesn’t take up any more floor space.  Another function for some, but definitely not all is to serve as a place to keep jewelry. The specific type which has a compartment behind the glass where you can keep all of your accessories organized and never more than an arm’s length away is known as a standing mirror jewelry armoire, and is of course very useful.

Where Are They Used?

Because they are most often used for dressing the best place to use one is simply where you get dressed. For many people this is the bedroom a walk-in closet, or maybe a spare room.  A free standing bathroom mirror might also work if your bathroom is large enough to have a spare corner free. It’s really up to what’s easiest for you!

Where To Find The Best Deals When Shopping

Although they are not as common in your typical home store like wall mirrors are, many larger shops will carry a few of the standing variety if you are looking for something brand new.  Shopping online is another option which usually proves much more successful for most people.  On the internet you’ll be able to pick from a much larger variety of types, sizes, and styles.  Some sites also offer antique models as well which can be a real help if vintage is your preferred style.

standing mirror

As you can see you don’t have to feel limited to standard mirror options.  For keeping walls un-cluttered and making picking the perfect outfit easy, a standing mirror is a choice everyone needs to checkout! And remember don’t be discouraged if you can’t find what you need locally, there are a huge number of reputable sites online which have countless models to pick from.

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