How to Choose the Perfect Vanity Mirror

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

When it comes to choosing a mirror, many people don’t put much thought into it. After all, it’s just a mirror. Right? Well, not exactly. Overlooking a mirror can have negative impacts. And it’s not something related to “bad mirrors followed by bad luck.” It’s more about choosing your space and interior wisely. A good mirror will give you a clear reflection, but a great mirror will enhance your lifestyle. 

vanity mirror with lights

It is especially true while looking for a vanity mirror; whether it is the placement or the size, everything matters while choosing the perfect vanity mirror. You can find yourself surrounded by various options, some with LED lights, some with a floating feature, and some with minimalistic design for a cleaner space. To help you avoid confusion and make the right choice, we have put together this guide with simple tricks you can use for mirror shopping from

7 Simple Tricks to Choose the Right Vanity Mirror

1. Keep in mind the bathroom size

While choosing a vanity mirror, you have to keep the size of your bathroom in mind. It is crucial because your choice of mirror size might not be compatible if you forget about the size of the bathroom. You don’t want a giant mirror sitting in your bathroom covering space, and neither do you want a mirror so small, you can’t even comfortably brush your teeth in front of it. 

So try to measure your bathroom as many times as you need to get the right idea. If you have a small bathroom, you can consider those mirrors with cabinets for storage. That way, you can save a lot of space with your mirror. 

2. Don’t go frameless just yet

It might sound appealing to get a frameless mirror as they look cleaner, sleek, and possess a very modern feel. Framed mirrors, on the other hand, provide a more traditional look to your bathroom. If your bathroom has a lot of detailing, you can enhance it with a framed mirror. With the use of a frameless mirror, you can put focus on the details; without any additional clutter from the mirror. Both the options are feasible. But if you want a smart look and make your bathroom space attractive, you can also go for simple frames that are only a few inches wide. That will keep the modern feel intact and also draw the eyes towards the mirror. 

3. Multiply your bathroom size

You can avoid the first trick in case you plan to go for a wall-to-wall mirror. There can be several benefits of getting custom mirrors for your bathroom walls. For starters, you don’t need to think about the space, as wall-to-wall mirrors can make your bathroom look twice the size. You can run the mirrors throughout the walls and a little above the sink countertop.

This trick can turn your bathroom around. It may sound a little expensive. But it’s the same as buying a small mirror but putting money onto the tiles, texture, and design of the wall, where you will place the mirror. 

4. Lit up your Vanity right

It’s undeniable that good lighting and mirrors go hand in hand. When it comes to lighting up your vanity, sconces can do wonders. But when paired right with a mirror, it can turn heads. 

For small mirrors, you can frame your sconces in a way to enhance the reflection. They can bring timelessness to your vanity, and you can enjoy your little time in there for the fullest. You can also go for mirrors with LEDs. Usually, they do the same trick, especially when a mirror is large. If you want to use a vanity mirror for your makeup, it is best to go with the one having overhead lights. 

5. Choosing the mirror size

While discussing the bathroom size, it is also crucial to know the psyche behind selecting the right mirror size. You may be thinking that why not just get the one you like? Well, your choices can have implications on the appearance of your bathroom, so why not put some thought into it?

Well, if you want your mirror to be the room’s focal point, make sure it stands out. That means that either get a large mirror or one with a large frame. For smaller mirrors, you can either use them to reflect corners and objects to give a lively feeling to your vanity. Or you can use a bunch of smaller mirrors together to put out an illusion of a big mirror. 

6. Up the appeal with Round ones

 Apart from the wall-to-wall mirrors and other rectangle mirrors, you can also give a thought to the round mirrors. They are a great way of promoting relaxed vibes in your bathroom. Bathrooms can have a lot of texture and surfaces. So, having something like a round mirror hanging by a strap or a chain can lighten up space and provide a different perspective to the interior of your vanity. 

7. Mix styles for fun

Want to have some fun with the design of your vanity? Try mixing the modern and traditional styles. If you have a ‘modern’ style vanity, you can mix it with a ‘traditional’ mirror and vice versa. You can try placing your mirror over a piece of furniture to reflect off elegance. Placing on top of furniture can add more detail and an interesting look. You can try placing a lamp beside the mirror or hang lights from the top. 


There are plenty more ways to style your vanity using a mirror. It is all about choosing the right mirror that fits your bathroom and your idea of it. While choosing the mirror, you just need to make sure that you are getting the right shape. You can choose between square, rectangle, circular, oblong, and so on. Apart from that, make sure that the size you are choosing goes with your bathroom. 

We already discussed how important the size of a mirror is and how it can shape the vanity and its vibe. And most importantly, choose the right style that compliments your bathroom and uplifts it. Apart from all that, all you need to do is keep an open mind while choosing the best vanity mirror. The time spent in vanity is the most personal and, for some, productive. So, if you want to create a vibe and get something in return from a place, you can use our tricks to choose your right fit. 

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