Beyond Energy Efficiency: 6 Other Vinyl Window Benefits

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Vinyl windows have been touted as energy-efficient replacement options but is improving your home’s energy efficiency all there is to them? Hardly. In addition to helping lower your energy bills, there are a multitude of reasons why you should consider switching to vinyl windows.  Here are some of the most compelling reasons to do so:

  1. Vinyl is available in a wide range of colors and styles

Vinyl windows come in a very large number of colors and designs and can even be made to mimic the look and feel of wood. The material can be used on any of the standard window styles but because it can be readily molded, it can also be produced in any shape or size, allowing you to customize your replacement window to suit your needs and preferences exactly.

vinyl window benefits1

  1. Vinyl requires little to no maintenance

Vinyl windows are colorfast, and do not need repainting, eliminating the regular need for scraping, staining, and the reapplication of paint that wooden windows call for.  Requiring little more than regular washing and inspections, they are easy to maintain and care for.

  1. Vinyl is durable, long-lasting, and resistant to most environmental effects

Vinyl is made to last, with the average replacement window lasting upwards of 25 years to offer good, dependable service. The material is resistant to fire, scratch, impact, and insect damage, and can weather through rain, snow, ice, and wind.

vinyl window benefits2

  1. Vinyl is highly resistant to a broad range of different substances

Vinyl is designed to resist the effects of common household chemicals, cleaning agents, pesticides, and the corrosive effects of the air in areas near the coast or in heavily-industrialized areas. Commercial cleaners will not damage vinyl windows but it is still best to follow usage instructions provided.

  1. Vinyl is a “green” choice

Vinyl’s durability and long service life lowers its overall carbon footprint, making it a good choice for anyone looking to go green. Additionally, it is highly recyclable, readily melted down and repurposed into other products, helping reduce trash in landfills and the material’s impact on the environment.

vinyl window benefits3

  1. Vinyl offers value for money

Vinyl windows are affordable. But given all the other benefits they have going for them, they offer value for money more than just letting you rake in savings. Price is usually a good indicator of quality, with the higher price tag signifying a better product, but not in the case vinyl windows.

Taking advantage of vinyl

Vinyl has come a long way through the years. As a window material, it offers incredible value not just in terms of making the most out of what you’ll be spending but by providing reliable performance as well, and comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms to give you a window replacement that suits your fancy exactly. To ensure you take full advantage of what vinyl windows can bring, make sure you have your replacements installed by a professional. For more on vinyl windows, don’t hesitate to call your local contractor today.


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