Finding the Right Bow Window Contractor

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A bow window is one of the most impressive types of windows out there, with multiple panels providing not just great views of the outdoors but excellent ventilation opportunities as well. As with any window, however, it must be installed right to perform right. If you’re looking to have bow windows installed in your home then, it’s important that you find the right contractor. Here’s a quick checklist to get you started:

  1. Make sure you’re hiring a professional

You’d be surprised at the number of “window experts” that take jobs without proper certification. Without proper training (and the certificates or licenses to prove it), you can’t be guaranteed of the kind of work these “experts” will be providing so it’s best to take your business elsewhere. Aside from ensuring a window contractor is duly licensed, you can also check their Better Business Bureau rating to see how well they have been performing.

  1. Make sure you’re hiring local

A common mistake among homeowners is hiring people without checking if they are local businesses. This is why storm chasers (scammers who trick people into hiring them and then disappearing without having done any work or not completing them once they have your money) can get away so easily. Make sure the professional you’re hiring has a valid local address and a working phone number at least to avoid getting scammed.

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  1. Ask for figures

Like in any home improvement project, you’d want to hire a professional that has a clear picture of what and when it has to be done. While different window installations will have different requirements, your contractor should be able to tell you estimates for costs and schedules. If you hear “it depends” or “we’re not sure” too many times, look for another contractor. If you do decide to go with a certain contractor, you should be provided with exact figures before the installation work starts. Everything must be outlined in your contract so you know exactly what to expect.

  1. Seek out brand affiliation

Windows have to be installed according to manufacturer specifications to keep warranties valid. If you’re interested in a particular set of bow windows from a certain manufacturer, make sure your contractor is affiliated with the brand. Aside from simply knowing how to install windows based on manufacturer instructions, affiliated contractors are also usually certified by manufacturers themselves to install their products, giving you another layer of workmanship guarantee.

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  1. Ensure they’re insured

Sometimes, things just happen when you least expect it. Make sure you’re protected from these situations by ensuring that your window contractor is insured. This way, in case someone gets injured or your property gets damaged during the course of the installation, you will be protected from liability.

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Assessing contractors carefully may require a bit of work but having your bow windows installed perfectly as a result will be well worth the effort. Should you have any questions or concerns about the installation process, don’t hesitate to talk to a local contractor for clarifications.


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