The Many Benefits of Bay Windows

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The bay window is a dream window; not only does it have a very distinctive appearance, but also plenty of advantageous features you can enjoy. If you are considering bay windows for your home (or have decided already), reading this piece will make you appreciate this window type even more, and here’s why.

They Never Grow Old…and That’s a Fact

Bay windows are one of the more unique types of windows. Unlike most windows, which are placed in the wall itself, this beauty projects outward from a house or building. This type of window remains widely popular among homebuyers across the country, having been a staple in home architectural design for many centuries. Its roots have been traced back to the European mansions and manor houses built during the early English Renaissance. Back then, there were bay windows the size of a small room.

In the late 1800s, American buildings started adopting bay windows. Nowadays, many Victorian-style homes and commercial buildings feature bay windows.

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Perhaps the main appeal lies in the fact that it adds dimension to a home from both sides of the wall, courtesy of multiple window panels joined together to become a beautiful window set.

They Make Space

Custom bay windows are a great option if you want to make the most out of your home’s interior space. Not only do they make a room appear bigger than it actually is, bay windows also give you additional floor space. Some homes use the bay window’s interior as:

  • cabinets for extra storage
  • cushioned window seat
  • built-in banquette or space for dining table and chair set
  • built-in desks for work or study
  • built-in tubs

An Unbeatable View

A bay window has a least three or more large glass panes, while typical windows have two glass panes at most. This means you get a wider field of view, which comes in handy if you want to make the most out of a spectacular horizon or skyline.

More Light

One of the key features of bay windows is their ability to admit more natural light than other type of window. This means you can cut down on using artificial lighting during daytime and save on your electric bill.

A Wide Variety of Styles to Choose From

The bay window set is already quite different from other windows as it is. However, it’s also available in different shapes. Bay windows can be rectangular, polygonal, or arc-shaped (rounded or curved) depending on the assortment of panes.

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Bay windows also have a few subtypes of their own. A bow window is the arc-shaped version of the bay window, while a circle bay  is its more concave form. A canted window, on the other hand, has a flat front and angular sides. If a bay window juts outward but does not touch the ground, then it becomes an oriel window. An oriel window is supported by corbels or brackets. The box bay window looks very much like a box in form, as the edges of the glass panes meet at a 90° angle.


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