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Make Way for Unique Window Options

There are many types of windows you can choose from, each fitted with features you’ll surely enjoy. All window types offer functions expected of them, but not all can give the unique appeal round top, picture, and combination windows have to offer. In this post, I will share with you the beauty of these window options and how you can make the most of their uniqueness.

Round Top Windows

The origins of round top windows can be traced back to the Roman empire, where architecture was characterized by grand arches and columns. These windows make for a very elegant way to bring maximum natural light into your home, also allowing homeowners glimpses of the treetops, clouds, and skylines, by simply looking up from the inside of the room. Put atop entryways, round top windows can also easily turn entry doors into grand entrances.

Why Choose Round Top Windows for Your Home?

This type of decorative window offers a number of advantages that make them ideal additions to any home.

Picture and Combination Windows

Do the surroundings around your home make for a scenic and picturesque view? You can make the most of it and be one with nature without having to go outdoors with picture and combination replacement windows.

Picture Windows and Their Benefits

Picture windows are large windows that consist of one panel of glass. It is fixed, and is only meant to let light and views in. Aside from their beauty, picture windows boast of incredible energy efficiency. Inoperable, picture windows have less gaps that allow air leaks so they greatly help in insulating a home. Add in low-E window coating and passive heating is kept at bay so your HVAC system need not work overtime to stabilize indoor temperature in your home.

Combination Windows: What They are and What They Do

Meanwhile, combination windows allow you to combine a picture window with your choice of operable window. For instance, two double hung windows can be placed at either side of a picture window. Combination windows lets you enjoy the benefits of both a picture window and regular windows that can be opened and closed to help control airflow and ventilation.

Can’t decide which unique window to install in your home? Get in touch with a window professional near you right away to help you out.


Author Bio:

George Faeber, together with his wife Pam, owns Bee Window, an Indiana-based company selling windows, siding, and sunrooms for over 30 years now. A business graduate from Purdue University, he aggressively ventured into online marketing, sharing his experiences in the company blog. Aside from business and home improvement, George is also passionate about basketball.


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