Achieving Summer and Winter Comfort with Windows

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Nothing puts windows to the challenge like summer and winter. With such extreme temperatures on opposing ends, windows have to be in top condition to make sure your home stays comfortable whether it’s blazing hot or freezing cold outside. How can windows achieve comfort for you during summer and winter? It depends on how certain functions are carried out.


This refers to your window’s ability to facilitate air circulation inside your home. Without proper ventilation, indoor temperatures can quickly rise or grow stale.

  • During Summer. The hotter of the two seasons, summer can easily crank up indoor temperatures, especially in the absence of an air conditioning system. Fortunately, windows can be opened to allow cool outdoor air in and push warm indoor air out.

summer and winter comfort with windows1

  • During Winter. During the colder months, ventilation has less to do with letting cool air in and more about letting stale air out. You can’t keep your windows open all the time during winter, but you still have to open some from time to time to let stale air out. This not only freshens up your indoors but can also help you avoid respiratory problems by getting rid of damp air.


By providing great insulation, windows make it easier to maintain indoor temperatures and prevent energy loss due to air leakage.

  • During Summer. Well-insulated windows are your air conditioning system’s best friend as they prevent air leaks, making it easy for your cooling system to stabilize the indoor temperature to achieve indoor comfort for you. The sooner you are kept cool, the sooner you’ll enjoy comfort.

summer and winter comfort with windows2

  • During Winter. In winter, windows are all about keeping the cold out and the warmth in. Gaps in a poorly insulated window can let the cold in, not only driving heating requirements up but also potentially causing condensation and moisture damage. If you have well-insulated windows though, this will not be a problem.


Windows also serve as a physical barrier that prevents the weather from damaging what’s inside your home.

  • During Summer. Aside from the blistering summer heat, you also have to deal with the intense amount of sunlight during the warmer months. More sunlight means greater chances of furniture and other indoor items getting damaged by UV rays. Windows fitted with low-E glass are able to filter out UV rays to prevent fading but don’t impede the level of natural light let in so you can still take advantage of daylighting, which is highly pleasing to the eyes.

summer and winter comfort with windows3

  • During Winter. More than the drastic drop in temperature, winter brings forth sleet, strong winds, snow, and hail, which can be damaging. Aside from having durable frames that can live through temperature changes, windows can offer you peace of mind by utilizing sturdy glass that can withstand light to moderate impact, keeping out what needs to stay out, out.

Comfort is integral in every home. Given how windows can contribute to ensuring you’re comfortable, it’s important then that you take care of them, keeping windows in top condition at all times. Windows no longer up to the task? Talk to a local contractor immediately to give you an idea about your replacement options.


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