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Make Your Home Look Classy and Chic With Custom Drapery

When curtains won’t do their work, which window treatment do you turn to? Custom drapery! For all of us, the drapery seems to be a minor detail. What we don’t realize putting the right drape in their right places opens up space, ties the décor together and makes for a more refined look.

For some homeowners, purchasing ready-made curtains is enough. It’s completely okay, though. But once they’ve experienced using custom drapes to adorn their windows, making any room that was built on a budget look stylishly polished, they never return to using off-the-rack curtains.

1) Custom drapes are sewn with linings

Veering away from the quality of the mass-produced curtains, the details of the tailor-made drapes truly make the difference. The drapes will come with a backing that is also made from the fabric of your choice. Of course, your chosen fabric should enhance the appearance and color of the actual drape.

While the backing adds functionality, it also aims to preserve the material as it prevents fading and makes the drape opaque. You’d see this effect during daylight. Perhaps, you’ve seen red curtains that appear orange-y when sunlight hits them.

2) Custom drapes are in their right sizes

Accurate measurements – height and width – are important when customizing drapery. You are heading to this route because store-bought curtains are either too short or too long, right?

You can either send the company your measurements along with the chosen design and materials or have a representative of the company to do an in-house inspection and measurement of your windows. With the second option, the drapes will be built around your actual specifications rather than approximated.

3) Custom drapes are created from the designer’s perspective

Only the window’s dimensions are the limit. Style-wise, you will have a lot of choices. And the best part is, you will have the guidance of an expert when it comes to choosing the styles without sacrificing on the practical aspects. This can prevent problems later on when you failed to account physical constraints in the room if there are any.

For one, the designer can show you how the drape should appear and flow depending on the choice of fabric, color, and style and if the drapes will come with headers and trims. All of the style-related decisions will be based on your personality and preference to make the drapes even more in harmony with other elements in the room.

Customized drapes can make all the difference between a bland and vibrant room. More importantly, it is an investment that you can use for long-term since you can be assured of the quality of the drapes. It’s not just a perfect match concerning style, but also when it comes to your needs!


Author Bio:

Mark Justine De Mesa is a freelance writer and Filipino blogger. He loves reading and writing about home design. He currently writes and blogs for Arca South Taguig,a one of the top real estate company in the Philippines.


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