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Make Your Home Elegant With These 10 Breath-Taking Indoor Pool Design Ideas

Thinking of remodeling your home interior and wanting to get your own swimming pool at the same time but worried that your funds might not be enough for both projects? Worry no more because you can certainly achieve and do both when you install an indoor swimming pool at home. Yes, you can actually achieve what you want and get to have a more attractive home without having to spend a fortune for it. With proper planning coupled with wise budgeting, you can cut the cost or even pay only half the price with it compared to installing a backyard oasis while simultaneously altering your interior design.

Now, isn’t that just amazing? You no longer have to wait a long time before you get to complete the home improvement projects you have in mind. By installing an indoor pool, provided that is designed and built by a reliable pool company such as Premier Pools, you get to hit two birds with one stone and get to have your own amazing indoor oasis transforming your home into your very own fancy and elegant vacation spot.

Interior pools have been perceived by many as a sign of luxury. Every time we see one, we always think “expensive”. But in reality, any wise homeowner can definitely find ways on how to budget the construction cost. You can start off by getting at least three service quotes from three different reputable pool builders in your area. Compare them and decide which among has the right qualifications that would create you one that best fits your personal preference, your needs, your lifestyle and most especially your budget. You may also ask around for advice and recommendations on which company to choose. By the time you start the construction process, it is important that you have already laid out your plans and have told your builder about it. If you have already created the design you want, make sure to thoroughly give the details to the builder.

To help you decide the best design for your home, here are a number of award-winning and world-class designs to inspire you:

  1. Rectangular Green Pool with Orange Deck


Nothing beats a nice and relaxing dip in this oasis after a stressful day at work. The greenness of the water complements well with the orange color of the marble deck and the blue colored pool side. The domed ceiling together with the support columns adds elegance to the whole area. Putting candles by the poolside brings a relaxing atmosphere. The design in its entirety invites you to relax and brings you tranquility.

  1. Multi-leveled Pool with Fountains


Now, look at that. Isn’t that just the perfect place to be when you’re feeling all tired and stressed? This modern styled oasis will surely be your favorite spot at home. The dark blue tiled floor creates an eye-catching effect making you want to dive or dip right away into it. The water fountains bring you relaxation and the multiple floor levels bring style to the entire area.

  1. Colonial Style Long Pool


Doesn’t that look totally elegant? It does, right? The whole place is super classy. The chandeliers as well as the fireplace bring style and sophistication. The whole design makes you feel like you’re living in a different era.

  1. Bedroom Pool


If this doesn’t interest you, I don’t know what would. I mean, just try to look at that. Yes, a pool inside your bedroom, you can totally have that. You wake up and then you get to dip yourself right away into the pool whenever you want to. Also, nothing can be more relaxing than sleeping by the poolside.

  1. Basement Gym with Pool


A wonderfully designed workout pool for fitness junkies. You can now have a complete workout area at home by installing a fitness pool inside together with your other workout equipment. Now, that’s something that would totally motivate you exercise more.

  1. Outdoor-themed Pool


Who needs an outdoor vacation when you have this kind of oasis at home? The natural-looking water features together with the trees and plants by the poolside gives you a tropical feel. A perfect place to host parties. Your guests would be totally delighted and would be in awe to see this.

  1. Roman-inspired Pool Design with Hot Tub


Live like you’re some kind of a Roman god/goddess with this beautiful Roman style indoor oasis. The pillars with climbing plants together with the lit candles by the poolside create a dramatic effect to it. What makes this more amazing is that you’ve got two options. You can either swim in the regular pool or relax in the hot tub .

  1. Lover’s Pool


The design in its entirety makes you feel in love, would you agree? Just look at the entire place, it has a magical feel to it. The terrace by the poolside makes you think of “Romeo and Juliet”. The ceiling design is just magnificent to look at and it somehow transports you to another place. Lights and walls can certainly create a whole lot of difference so it is good to keep in mind that you include them in your designs for fascinating effects.

  1. Indoor Resort


Create your own resort with this beautifully design. You would most likely see this kind of design in hotel pools. You can add more style to it by creating a bridge such as seen above. This gives you the feeling like you’re actually having a vacation in a resort. Adding a jacuzzi is a great idea for more relaxation too.

  1. Stylish Square Living Room Pool


We all love staying in our living rooms, but if we get to have a living room like this, bet it’s going to be our most favorite spot at home. The whole area shows elegance and fun at the same time. The vintage materials around the area make it even more attractive. The simple square shaped oasis with clear sky blue water completes and makes the room entirely perfect.

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