Luxurious Spaces: How To Turn Your Yard Into A Private Getaway

Last Updated on March 10, 2022 by Kravelv

What is it that people eagerly anticipate after working all year? Is it not to enjoy a well-deserved vacation? After all of the hard work we do we are entitled to receive the “perfect getaway” we all dream about. However, what would be your ideal vacation? Staying at an island or mountain resort, or perhaps renting a luxury yacht and sailing the ocean? Whatever it is, it would no doubt bring you a sense of relaxation. Your vacation is an outlet to leave your worries behind, and to relax in a peaceful setting without a care in the world, but what if you could have that same sense of peace and relaxation in the comfort of your own home? There is definitely no reason why we shouldn’t be able to have our own little get-a-way right in our own neck of the woods. Here are just a few tips to help make that possible.

Your Own “Private Oasis”

Your home is the dwelling that you retreat to after your day ends, where you find enjoyment in what is comfortable. This sense of ease travels to the space behind your home, your backyard patio, taking you to a completely new world. Transforming your backyard into a “luxury space” to create your own “private oasis” has its rewards. There are so many creative types of backyard patio design that can help turn your yard into a “luxury space” using a touch of resourceful imagination.

The “Ground Beneath” Your Feet

It is noteworthy that the first thing people look at when they meet you is not your face, but rather, your shoes. Like your shoes, the ground beneath you is the foundation of your “luxury space,” to build upon, so color and texture place a key role in how you will perceive and find enjoyment in it. The company Cambridge offers beautiful outdoor living ideas. The web site, highlights a design gallery that offers diverse ideas in establishing your groundwork. They offer unique applications and inlay stonework in hundreds of colors and shapes that you can implement such as walkways, steps, creating beautiful landscape walls, ornamental tree rings, and attractive fire pits. You can customize the appearance of just about any part of your backyard to define, “luxury living.”

“Mother Nature’s” Lights

At twilight, the galaxy is nature’s way of telling us to relax. A wood burning fireplace surrounded by furniture sheltered under a latticed garden pergola draped with climbing plants, is the perfect idea to unwind. LED lighting decoratively wrapped around the landscape will no doubt create a sense of peaceful ambiance.

Gazebos, Bridges and Waterfalls

Creating your “luxury space” involves transforming your private personal backyard patio into a serene place to enjoy nature’s sights and sounds. Design you space to include a stone bridge that crosses over a manmade waterfall that trickles over rocks creating the soothing sound of bubbling water leading into a pond. Off to one side you can design a gazebo accessorizing it with sheer curtains, rug, and a hanging candle chandelier. Surrounded by beautiful lush greenery, your natural haven is ready for you to find serenity.


The Great “Luxury” Escape

When it comes to personal taste, reflect on what you wish the backdrop of your surroundings would emphasize. Consider what will be the focal point of your environment, having an invitational appeal, as well as one of solitude, a place to find seclusion, to escape. Your “private getaway,” your “home away from home” should be an extension of your actual home and adorned as such. Such a luxurious transformation, will find yourself yearning a much-needed vacation, only to realize that you will only need to travel to your own backyard!

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