Hot tub, SPA pool, Jacuzzi – What is the Difference?

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Home hydro massage equipment allows you to experience the therapeutic effect of physiotherapy without leaving your home. Powerful jets of water, saturated with air bubbles, gently affect the human body:

  • reduce muscle tone and spasms;
  • provide blood flow to problem areas;
  • relax the body and relieve nervous tension.
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When planning the purchase of SPA equipment, it is important to understand its varieties. Understanding the differences between the best hot tubs uk, the SPA pool, and Jacuzzi will help you decide what you need.

Hot tub, swimming pool, and Jacuzzi – what is the difference?

A cheap hot tub is a familiar bath, additionally equipped with a system of injectors and pumps for the formation of jets and air bubbles.

The cheap hot tub can be placed on the terrace or in the courtyard, but most often it is installed indoors. This type of equipment requires a connection to the central water supply and sewerage. Such a bath is installed in houses and apartments as the main one. They bathe in it daily or take a shower, using soap and shampoo. The hydro massage function is a pleasant addition to the main hygienic purpose.

The water filtration and heating systems provided in some models serve to simplify the installation and extend the service life of the injectors. The dimensions and shape of the hot tub may vary depending on the manufacturer and model, but usually do not exceed 700 liters. This volume of the tank allows you to equip a maximum of two or three massage places.

The reservoir of the SPA pool significantly exceeds the volume of any hot tubs. There are pools with a capacity of up to 2500 liters, providing simultaneous rest for up to ten bathers. The design and functionality of the SPA pool provide for its installation in the open air. Maximum thermal insulation allows you to take physiotherapy even in winter. Unlike a bath, a SPA pool can operate independently, without a constant water supply. The highly efficient cleaning system allows you to use the water in a closed cycle without draining after bathing.

A Jacuzzi is a type of hot tub manufactured by a Jacuzzi. In principle, such baths are no different from hot tubs from other manufacturers. In the modern language, the word “jacuzzi” loses its connection to the brand and becomes synonymous with this type of SPA equipment.

Choose the pool option according to your preferences.

The spa pool compares favorably with the hot tub in terms of functionality:

  • Powerful spa system. The SPA pool is equipped with a large number of nozzles that allow more water to pass through. A variety of nozzles allows you to expand the massage areas and diversify the procedures.
  • Wide therapeutic effect. Some SPA pools are certified as medical equipment. Hot tubs are only for relaxation and relaxation, not for treatment.
  • Spacious tank. Due to its size, the SPA pool can accommodate up to ten people at a time.
  • Water circulation in a closed cycle. An automated filtration system and professional pool care products allow you to change the water several times a year, at other times-for reuse, the water is cleaned with special filters.

Remember that the final choice is always up to the buyer.

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