A Guide to Choosing the Right Mission Viejo Pool Service Company

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Buying a home with a swimming pool or setting one up requires a huge amount of budget. More so, the expenses that need to be budgeted or incurred for swimming pool maintenance are still huge. This is why picking the right Mission Viejo pool service company is crucial to make sure that your hard-earned money is spent on the right people and you get the merited result.

If you are planning to hire efficient and professional pool service technicians in Mission Viejo, you have to go through a strategic selection process to ensure that your pool’s filtration system does not deteriorate. Proper pool maintenance on a regular basis is vital. Otherwise, your outdoor pool may turn into a musty pond with foul odor that you will never enjoy.

A lot of professional pool technicians can be found within the area. However, spotting a competent pool service company that will maintain your pool surfaces and water clean and crystal clear entails a number of essential considerations.

A seasoned, reliable Mission Viejo pool services provider will regularly check your pool water and its chlorine, salt, alkaline, and PH levels. Moreover, their staff will regularly examine and maintain your filtering equipment, skim and net debris in the water, vacuum the bottom of the pool, empty the pump basket and the skimmer, eradicate potential build-up of algae by brushing the pool walls, and administer water chemicals as necessary. This will all be gone through to serve their purpose that is to ensure that every swimming pool is safe and ready for use at all times. Hiring them may initially seem like an unnecessary expense as you would think DIY pool maintenance is possible. However, as the latter is hardly viable, you will be inclined to seek the professionals’ help. Once you see that what they can do far exceeds your expectations, you will definitely mark the expense justified.

How to Choose the Right Mission Viejo Pool Service Company

The services of qualified and seasoned professionals will eventually help you save money when it comes to giving one of your biggest investments the care and maintenance it deserves. Hiring them means you are entrusting the job to certified experts who can get the extensive job done efficiently and quickly.

However, there are quite a number of pool maintenance service providers in Mission Viejo awaiting your call. With it, it gets more challenging to spot the one that can best deliver your needed pool services. To have a smooth selection process, you have to take some vital factors into consideration:

Experience and Reputation

How you would easily know that a pool service company is expert in providing pool maintenance services is easy. You just to check the company’s history and experience. Find out how long it has been of service to the people looking for the same range of services. The length of the years will give you a clue as to how seasoned they are in all the matters entailed in pool maintenance. At the same time, do not forget taking the company’s reputation into account as it will assess whether you will likely be satisfied with their services or not.


Doing a background check also means you have to gauge how reliable they can be when it comes to emergency pool service needs. As misfortunes can happen anytime, it pays to know a pool service provider in Mission Viejo you know you can always call and count on for emergency maintenance services. Their dependability will reflect on the reviews and testimonials you can find on the web. If their previous customers were satisfied and their demands were met, then you are looking at the right company.  

Updated Equipment

Professional pool maintenance is not done manually. It will definitely require the use of equipment to get an efficient result. That said, hiring a company with state-of-the-art set of equipment is a huge plus. As much as possible, stay away from companies that use dirty equipment as they might instead contaminate your pool water rather than sanitizing it.

Service Rates

Every pool service a pool company offers will surely come with a fee but there are package offerings that some companies have to help their customers save. However, more often than not, their prices vary depending on the pool’s size, shape, and frequency of required maintenance. There are owners who prefer it to be maintained on a weekly basis while others opt for monthly or other schedules. Regardless, before hiring the cost-friendliest Mission Viejo pool service company, make sure that you are fully aware of their fees so that you can prepare appropriately.

Also, depending on your provider’s terms, it may or may not include future repairs in packages. However, since some repairs will need to be carried out in the future, do not forget speaking this out to your potential service company. Hiring the company that is already familiar with your entire pool system will make the future repairs quicker and easier to handle, and probably cheaper.

Detailed Report

There are companies who are not transparent when it comes to what services they have rendered on every session. As much as possible, choose a pool service provider that gives a detailed report after every maintenance session. This should indicate what services had been done, what equipment needed replacement, and what chemicals were used to sanitize the pool water. This can be in the form of written report or may be sent electronically, via email.


States in the US have their respective laws that serve as guideline whether a pool service company is accredited and qualified. In California, for instance, there are guidelines that have to be met in order for a pool service company to be granted the certifications and permits to operate. That said, make sure to check if the company has the said certifications or not as entrusting your pool to the wrong ones may only lead to costly damage.

Since your swimming pool is one of the priciest investments you will have probably made, it pays to take time assessing every pool service company you have considered to ensure that your pool will be maintained by the best ones. Check the reviews. Know about your every option. Match their prices. Do all that needs to be done. Until then, you must not seal any deal or your investment will be put to waste.

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