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Living Room Ideas for Small Spaces

Modern living spaces do not really boast a lot of spare areas. Modern apartment for instances makes the most of the available spaces while still balancing the fact it needs to meet the requirements of a comfortable living. At such designers and architects always aim for the minimal intrusion of and redefine space by providing less clatter in their designs. And for your modern living room, here are some great ideas to make the most out of every square inch.

Use Neutral Colors for a Small Living Room

Lighter colors tend to enhance space in such a huge manner. It may not be physically real but it rewires your brain into thinking about space. Of course, you have to start with walls painted. Using light colors here will not just enhance your perception of space but will also bring the room to life. It simply ups the mood. Also, a palette of off-whites or beiges on your ceiling and upholstery pieces will magnify the effect making your living room a lot livelier than you might have thought.

Consider Smaller Furniture

This is a no-brainer but it still worth mentioning. A Smaller living room will suit smaller furniture not just because of space requirement but will make the room bigger. Think about these pieces as your reference point when you enter the room. If you have huge furniture all over, it will simply magnify the fact that you have a small room. But utilizing smaller pieces will not just give you more space but also give a better perception of your room’s area. These days, you can have a multitude of choices for these and modern furniture makers is also making the most out of space management.

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Use glass and mirrors quite generously

No, you don’t have to put a mirror on all side of the room nor you have to place windows everywhere. But the wise placement of glass and mirrors in any room will give your claustrophobic thinking a relief. If you’re not into putting adding windows, or perhaps it’s quite impractical or impossible, adding a full-length mirror will surely give you better perception about your living room’s available space. And it won’t just be for decorative purposes but for added functionality as well.

Multi-functional furniture

We all crave for better functionality and space management. But the thing is, it can be tricky at times. As such, for added convenience, there are modern furniture pieces that cater multiple roles in your living room. These days there is modern sofa set which features storage underneath the seat. This is good for keeping the room tidy by keeping your favorite magazine intact in one place, or perhaps your TV’s remote. In the same regard, ottoman storage box can be as helpful. Place a few pieces in your living room so you can keep things tidy while can still serve as an additional seat whenever necessary.

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Bigger rugs or carpets

Have you been to room with ceramic tiles? Have thought how big is the room or building by counting the tiles? Yes, that’s exactly what you should be trying to avoid. Breaks in the flooring will roughly give you the idea how big a room is. Using bigger pieces on the floor will minimize breaks in your perception of space. This will result in your perception of a bigger area while not doing much about it. Bigger rugs or carpets will easily cover those space breakers on the floor.

Higher, longer curtains

Curtains may not be a centerpiece of your room but it will have an effect on how you perceive space. Using longer curtain will require you hang them higher. This will surely affect how you think about space. Longer curtains will make your room more airy to look at and will surely make it look more vibrant in return.


It may simple as it sounds but the light really has a lot to say when it comes to your perceived space. Remember the light colors mentioned above. Lighter colors help in giving more airiness in your room, so does lighting. Proper placement of lights will give you a better view of the available space. This, in turn, will enhance your perceived space. Placing a light in corners do work their magic. Also, you can free up some space when you use swinging arm lamps. This smart lighting is not just versatile but will also free up some space when you need to.

Keep your artwork in check

The key here is to put these pieces in strategic places. These key places could either make or break your space saving ideas. The idea is to place these or stacked higher. Vertical stacking of art pieces on your wall will point your eyes upwards. This will give you the idea of higher ceiling thus bringing more airiness for your room.

Furthermore, when you are considering designing your small living room, never stay in one idea. There are other ideas out there that work wonderfully with small spaces. Like when you have you a small space where you cannot fit any furniture. Think about having a narrow, custom cabinet. It may be much but it will serve a lot for your storage needs. Also, contrasting colors will work if you dealt with it properly. Yes, light color-palette helps a lot but it doesn’t mean dark, vibrant colors won’t help. Adding some along the side will also enhance your visual perception of space.  Also, be mindful of your layout. The key is proper placement. Before you think about adding furniture in your living, think about the available space. It’s given that you cannot afford bulky pieces. And see to it that the overall design of the furniture will fit the area, not just physically, but also visually.

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