Top 5 Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

Last Updated on March 28, 2022 by Kravelv

The majority of small spaces decorating strategies revolve around tricking our eye into perceiving the area as being more spacious. These strategies can completely transform a room that feels crowded and claustrophobic into one that is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. It is important that we use the decorations in a way that will maximize the space and the light, and in order to do that we must pay close attention to how we use color, weight, and scale.

Trying new things can be very exciting, and luckily we do not have to use traditional solutions for this project, we need to think creatively and out of the box. For instance, we can use long drapes instead of blinds in order to make a room appear taller, and there are many similar techniques that can truly make a difference. The specialists behind the online real estate platform Bricks + Agent are here to give us the top 5 decorating ideas for small spaces:

Using mirrors

Many designers are using mirrors in order to make a small place feel and look more spacious. By placing a mirror in a strategically chosen place, such as a central location you create a focal point, thus creating the illusion of space. If we want to create a nice ambiance, we can put a light source behind the mirror, such as a pendant lamp, or a candle. Another good spot for placing a mirror is right across from the window because the mirror will reflect the light and will also give the illusion that there are two windows instead of one.

Using neutral colors

Using a neutral palette on our walls, ceiling, and floors is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Even having light colored and neutral colored furniture will have a similar effect. For instance, by choosing a palette of beiges or off-whites we expand our space and create the illusion that the walls are pushed back. Softer hues will also illuminate a room because they can reflect the light. In addition to enlarging an area, these colors will also give a sophisticated vibe and create a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Choosing furniture that appears to be lightweight

When we start shopping for furniture, we should always think of what its main function is and whether we need to make a room seem more spacious or not. By choosing furniture that appears to be lightweight we avoid creating a crowded space. Additionally, we should also choose pale and light colors instead of dark ones, and pieces of furniture that have legs. Glass coffee tables can also take up less visual space than the ones made of wood ones because they are see-through.

Choosing small-scale furniture

It is very important to choose furniture that will not overpower the room or dominate the whole space. It is preferable to buy best sofas that has thin arms and a back that is tightly upholstered, instead of one with back cushions and substantial arms. If space is tight, it might also be a good idea to select a loveseat or chairs instead of a bulky sofa. Additionally, keep in mind to choose armless chairs, as they will take up less space than the other types.

Add metallic decorations

By adding metallic cushions, pillows, carpets, lamps, or other decorating objects we create a similar effect to that of a mirror. The metallic objects will reflect the light and brighten up space.