King Size Bed Frames In Small Bedrooms: 7 Tips And Tricks

Last Updated on March 22, 2022 by Kravelv

Most people would think that a king-size bed belongs in a king-size room, but that’s not necessarily true. People can successfully use these beds in a smaller bedroom too.

Equal to two three-quarter beds or around three single beds, the king-size may sound enormous, and fitting them into any room could need some expert maneuvering. That may be the case, but once they’re safely in place, decorating the space around it actually becomes a much easier task.

Yves King Bed Frame

Are you still baffled about how this could work? Just follow these tips and tricks for using king-size bed frames in a small room, and it’ll all start to make sense.

1. Move The Bed In First

When redesigning a tiny bedroom with the addition of king size bed frames, it would be wise to move the bed into the room first.

Getting the bedframe into the room allows you to freely move it around without obstruction until you find the right spot. Alternatively, you can measure the bedframe and use the measurements to see where the bed would fit best in the room. That way, it’s a less labor-intensive job.

Once this crucial part is done, it should be easy to find the accessories that make the bed and the room stand out. And don’t be afraid to ask a manufacturer to assemble the bed inside the room if it doesn’t fit through the door. Just find a supplier that offers this service, and you’re well on your way to getting your dream room.

2. Use The Bed As Focal Point

Rooms with more space can have an art piece, set of drawers, or some other form of décor be the focal point, but with a king-size bed, the bed becomes the centerpiece.

Use bright colors to attract attention to the bed by adding a throw or pillows in an eye-catching hue. For those who prefer a more muted palette, replace the pop of color with an interesting texture in your shade of choice.

Faux fur throws, hessian accents, and embroidered lines easily adds that touch of texture contrast, drawing the eye towards the bed instead of the size of the room.

water hyacinth bed king

3. Frames With Slim Features Are King

To create the illusion of more space, stay away from a solid base and stick with a more streamlined frame. Frames with longer-looking legs could trick the eye into believing that there’s more to the room than there actually is.

Slimmer features to the headboard could further expand the notion of spaciousness. Thinner is better when it comes to fitting these huge beds in a smaller room but remember to retain the functionality of the bed as well as the other features.

4. Lighter Colors Reflect More Light

Light-colored walls, bedding, and décor will make the room look more open and neater. Using a pop of color here and there shouldn’t be a problem, but the majority of the room should be shaded in pastels or even stark white to offset the size of the bed.

If needed, paint the walls, cupboards, nightstands, and other furniture in the room a light color, so everything blends in well together. Avoid using many patterns and settle for geometric shapes in similar colors to tie it all in.

5. Minimalize Other Décor

A minimalistic décor plan would be best for a small room with a big bed, especially when you want the bed to be the space’s focal point.

Small side tables and creative storage options could make a massive difference to the available space. Consider mounting lights to the wall to save space on the floor and the nightstand. You can also use the under-bed space to store extra items like blankets, throws, or even visitors’ suitcases.

Adding mirrors to the walls could help reflect more of the light around the room and make it seem more sizeable. Mirrors are a great addition to décor as they could be put into a decorative frame to give it extra sparkle.

Other items that may add more depth to the room could be see-through plastic chairs or glass top tables to replace the solid wooden versions.

With the bed placed in the center, there would be little room left to place other items anyway, so we might as well only have the essential features in the room instead.

6. Use Vertical Lines

Ceiling floor curtains could make the room seem bigger as the vertical lines create an elongated look when seen as a whole. The same effect can be done by painting vertical lines on the wall or having striped wallpaper.

Curtains made from a lighter fabric could also let more natural light filter into the room and make it feel cozy, while the plain striped walls make the room seem less crowded than if you use louder patterns.

Artwork with elongated frames could also help draw those invisible vertical lines. It would be an excellent way to add subtle color to the room that also goes well with the hues from the bedding.

7. Leave Open Spaces Around The Bed

Some people may think about placing the bed in the corner of the room to leave more space on one side, but this can lead to an uncomfortable layout.

The room can quickly feel tiny when someone has to climb over to the other side of the bed to go to the kitchen for a glass of water, and there would be less balance in the room if the bed were pushed off to one side.

Instead, place the bed in the middle and add symmetrical features and décor around it to give it a polished look.

Bringing It All In

King beds are beautiful and provide plenty of comfort for those who love the extra bed space. By styling them just right, they look gorgeous in any sized room, even smaller ones. Additions like floating shelves and light fixtures make perfect companions to add more breathing space to the room. Imagine coming home after a hard day’s work, flopping down on the comfy king bed, and not feeling caged in by the small room at all. Using these tips, careful planning, and optimally utilizing the space, it could feel as if everything in the room comes together like a dream.

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